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The good thing for any who's committed a major fashion faux-pas on the red carpet this year is that the memory of their outfit will probably be drowned by the noise around the Best Picture snafu that concluded the movie industry's biggest night of the year — you know, that moment where a producer of La La Land gave a full thank-you speech before it turned out that it was actually Moonlight that had won the Oscar.

While there were dozens of gowns and suits strolling down the red carpet, we only selected the best of the best — and, of course, the worst of the worst. Scroll down for the most awe-inspiring or baffling looks of the night, and tell us below if you would have categorized them differently!

The Best Looks From The Oscars Red Carpet

Emma Stone

Though it's a shame Isabelle Huppert didn't get the recognition she so clearly deserves, 's Oscar was well-earned. She was confident enough to show up in what I'd like to call an Oscar statue cosplay, the old Hollywood glamour a pleasant nod to the nostalgic mood of her movie La La Land.

Nicole Kidman

thankfully left the curly red wig she's donning in Lion behind and stunned in a sleek pale pink gown.

Viola Davis

Though I'm not so sure about the new bangs, showed up in the dress of a true winner. The fit is fantastic and her accessorizing just right.

Charlize Theron

Though it makes her shoulders look broader than usual, this Dior gown on clearly has an Olympian vibe to it — as befits an actress of her stature.

Janelle Monáe

You can trust to never make a boring fashion choice — and shake things up on this rather tame red carpet. She looks like a gothic fairy and I'm digging it.

Brie Larson

looked sharp and stylish in this black number, proving she can rock pretty much anything.

Viggo Mortensen

There were many dapper suits on the red carpet this year, starting with 's black and blue ensemble.

Dev Patel

Not only is 's suit glorious, he decided to melt our little hearts by bringing his mom, Anita, as his date.

Bonus: his face when he looks at his Lion co-star Sunny Pawar.

Mahershala Ali

Is there anything can't do? Whether he's wearing floral shirts as Juan in Moonlight or a sharp black suit at the Oscars, his charisma is undeniable.

Michelle Williams

looked gorgeous in Louis Vuitton, though very similar to Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts

So, who wore it better? The black straps on 's dress look just a little too far apart.

Andrew Garfield

Handsome men in perfectly tailored suits: the edition.

Taraji P. Henson

The hair, the necklace, that cleavage! Hidden Figures star was the epitome of glamour last night.

Chrissy Teigen

and were adorable as usual.

Kirsten Dunst

looked bewitching in this black Dior number.

Auli'i Cravalho

is the voice of Moana and the youngest actress to voice a Disney princess ever. Still, she looked like a red carpet veteran at the Oscars — and gave a wonderful performance later during the night.

Isabelle Huppert

will always be the incarnation of chic.

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The Worst Looks From The Oscars Red Carpet

Ruth Negga

Don't get me wrong, is stunning — but the difference between the red of her dress and her makeup and hair accessories just throws me off. The whole look could have been much lighter without the turtleneck, for example.

Ginnifer Goodwin

Zootopia voice also went for red lace overload, and it just seems a little too much.

Priyanka Chopra

This is as uncomfortable to my eyes as it seems to be to her boobs.

Naomie Harris

is one of the most talented actresses around, but this is the couture equivalent of "the toilet paper roll got stuck in your dress and nobody told you."

Halle Berry

The hair, the streaks of black, the glitter and the fringe? looks a bit crazy.

Alicia Vikander

's head looked gorgeous, but the length of this dress isn't flattering — and the whole ensemble feels very Westworld knock-off.

Faye Dunaway

Nevermind the mistake she made on stage: What is wearing? Is it a dress? Is it a jacket? Is it a pre-schooler's crafting project?

Scarlett Johansson

I thought could look good in just about anything, but the combination of the pink sheers and the studded belt screams "punk Barbie."

Ryan Gosling

He gets points for originality, but the ruffle on 's shirt is so, so cheesy.

Amelia Warner

Maybe wanted to throw enough pink in our faces to make us forget about her husband's fifty shades of grey.

Dakota Johnson

From the fabric to the length to the giant bow resting on her lap, 's Gucci number looks like she left the house in Christian Grey's "I'm so rich" satin bed sheets.

Octavia Spencer

's skirt seems more hairy than feathery to me — can we just remove a few strands?

Sofia Boutella

Continuing with the dusting broom trend seen above, Star Trek's cleaned up at the Oscars — in the literal sense.

Jessica Biel

Picture this: at home, practicing for a role as Cleopatra, surrounded by cats as Egyptians do. That's the only way I can explain the bob, the collar... and the gold dress that looks like it just went through a claw machine.

Leslie Mann

With the imminent release of Beauty and the Beast, Belle is all the hype right now. But between the greenish yellow and the floppy bow, 's Zac Posen dress is more Beast than Beauty for me.

Felicity Jones

After the pink Gucci she wore to the Golden Globes, is making another unfortunate choice in Dior that I'd like to title Boring Ballerina.

Hailee Steinfeld

Is this a look for the best-dressed list or the worst? While the top is exciting, we might be venturing too far into shower-curtain territory.

What was your favorite look at the Oscars? Check out our compilation of all the nominees in 200 seconds below, and click here for more original Movie Pilot video content.


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