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June is Pride Month; four weeks to celebrate being queer, fabulous, and remembering those icons that worked tirelessly to allow us the freedom to live our lives without discrimination. Judy Garland, Marlene Dietrich, RuPaul, Lady Gaga, and... the Babadook? Yes that's right — if you listen to what folks on Twitter and Tumblr have to say, then the Babadook has just come flying out of the closet (er, I mean dark dank basement) and is now out and proud.

Don't believe me? Wondering how Jennifer Kent's sinister monster has become the gay icon we all deserve? Well let's take a look at the facts. It all got started in a truly Tumblr-esque exchange, which basically canonized as the true embodiment of gay representation.

[Credit: Tumblr]
[Credit: Tumblr]
[Credit: Tumblr]
[Credit: Tumblr]

The "babadiscourse" was only heightened earlier this year when a "glitch" (yeah right) placed the 2014 movie in the Movies category.

A boring heterosexual analysis of the movie might argue that this is absurd, and that the Babadook is the embodiment of grief, summoned by a creepy (and dramatic) pop-up book to haunt a widow and her 6-year-old son. But an exciting queer analysis posits the theory that the Babadook — with his flair for top hats, fashion-forward trench coats, drama, and male loves — is far more relatable to the LGBT community than we first thought. Here is further "proof," if you haven't been convinced already — oh, and from now on, the B in LGBT stands for Babadook.

Since coming out of the basement, it has been revealed the Babadook took part in the Stonewall Riots which inspired , and has been honored with many accolades, including a Visibility Award and walking RuPaul's runway in sickening babastyle.

He has also been no slouch, hitting the dating scene (Grindook?) with the same enthusiasm as he applies to terrifying suburban widows. According to credible source (Twitter and Tumblr), he is in a relationship with the Bye Bye Man (a.k.a. Bi Bi Man) and is BFFs with the Blair Witch (who is a lesbian).

Oh, and the official Facebook page it on board too, so it's canon now.

Babadook, we're so proud of your journey — from terrifying closet monster to out-and-proud babaqueen — right in time for Pride Month! Perhaps this news will pave the way for a very different Babadook 2? And for now, I will leave you with this, potentially even more terrifying ditty.

Do you think the Babadook is the queer icon we all deserve? Let us know in the comments!


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