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"You have to be what you are. Whatever you are, you gotta be it." -Johnny Cash. Tweet a tweeter at my twitty twitter, @tw1tterintw1t
Sam Plank

The internet has struck again.

From the wide open cyberspace that has brought you buckets of ice water, planking (my personal favorite), selfies and cinnamon challenges, comes a new viral craze that makes about as much sense as all of the other ones: The Mannequin Challenge.

And, just like the others, this challenge has got some pretty big names on board!

Here are 12 of the best examples so far of sitting completely motionless. Doing absolutely nothing.

This is just hilarious.

1. Blac Chyna

Thank you so much for not showing the world as much as you did here:

Not like posting a pic of you breastfeeding is bad, really, but giving your newborn, Dream , her own Instagram page and website? That's so Kardashian.

2. Destiny's Child

Independent mannequin!

3. Adele

Well, hello, Johnny Cash.

4. Kevin Hart

Hold those weights up just a litttttle bit longer.

5. Even Hillary Clinton

Never thought I'd see and Jon Bon Jovi together, let alone standing perfectly still! But hey, anything goes in the weird-ass year that is 2016.

6. Erykah Badu

That's a LOT of people standing still!

7. Paul McCartney

Even the legendary Sir Paul McCartney himself. Now that's impressive.

8. Michelle Obama, Lebron James & The Cleveland Cavaliers

No First Lady has ever been as cool as Michelle Obama.

9. Pentatonix And 8,000 Concertgoers

That's kind of amazing, honestly.

10. Dancing With The Stars Cast And Crew

Leave it to the DWTS crew to do a Mannequin Challenge with style.

11. Stephen Curry, Golden State Warriors

Okay but...why the shirtless guy?

12. Ellen DeGeneres

Because what's a good viral internet craze without Ellen getting involved?

But just in case you thought the Mannequin Challenge was just silly and frivolous, check out this one created by Simone Shepherd that went viral by making a powerful statement:

Can you top the celebs and their ? Let's see those videos!


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