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With Christmas creepin' up on us from around the corner again, it seems that it's time to once again retreat into the comfort of our own homes and to plant ourselves firmly in front of our TV screens.

Thankfully, Hulu is currently offering a vibrant selection of holiday movies to get you into the festive mood. From classic family movies, adorable animations and timeless love stories, there's something for everyone on the online streaming platform this winter.

Check out some of the best Christmas movies on Hulu below for that extra burst of holiday cheer.

The Best Christmas Movies To Watch On Hulu This Winter

1. Dear Santa (2011)

  • Director: Jason Priestley
  • Who's in it? Amy Acker, David Haydn-Jones, Emma Duke

Dear Santa is an adorable romantic drama set at Christmas time, which sees a frivolous young woman stumble upon a letter to Santa written by a 7-year-old girl. Learning that the youngster's greatest desire is to find a new wife for her widowed dad over the festive period, she goes out of her way to find the family and to bring happiness to them all.

2. A Very Brady Christmas (1988)

‘A Very Brady Christmas’ [Credit: CBS]
‘A Very Brady Christmas’ [Credit: CBS]
  • Director: Peter Baldwin
  • Who's in it? Florence Henderson, Robert Reed, Ann B. Davis

In A Very Brady Christmas, the entire Brady bunch manages to overcome all personal obstacles to spend a happy holiday together. Starring the original cast members of the iconic 1969-1974 sitcom, the made-for-TV comedy continues to spread Christmas cheer on its viewers and is widely considered to be one of the highest rated TV movies on the season.

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3. Babar and Father Christmas (1986)

'Babar and Father Christmas' [Credit: Atkinson Film Arts]
'Babar and Father Christmas' [Credit: Atkinson Film Arts]
  • Director: Gerry Capelle
  • Who's in it? Laurent de Brunhoff, James Bradford, Louise Villeneuve

The royal elephant children are back for the festive season in Babar and Father Christmas, providing a plethora of animated family fun on Hulu this winter.

In this 1986 classic, the kids get together with their monkey chum Zephir to write Santa a letter only to find out that he doesn't deliver to Elephant Country. To ensure the youngsters aren't disappointed, Babar embarks on an adventure to ensure a very merry Christmas for everyone – including Santa himself, who earns some much needed rest in the warm climate of the royal homeland.

4. A Christmas Wish (2011)

  • Director: Craig Clyde
  • Who's in it? Kristy Swanson, Edward Herrmann, K.C. Clyde

Abandoned by her "low-life" husband to raise her two daughters and step-son all by herself just a week before Christmas, Martha leaves her town in hopes of finding a new life elsewhere. Settling in a sleepy rural town, she moves into a motel and manages to get a job at a local diner, earning a minimum wage.

Yet, just as things appear to hit rock bottom, members of the warm-hearted community reach out to help the struggling mom in giving her and her children the merry Christmas they deserve.

An uplifting addition to some of the best Christmas movies on Hulu, A Christmas Wish will tug at your heartstrings, while immersing you in the generous spirit of the season.

5. The 12 Dogs of Christmas

'The 12 Dogs of Christmas' [Credit: Alchemist Productions]
'The 12 Dogs of Christmas' [Credit: Alchemist Productions]
  • Director: Kieth Merrill
  • Who's in it? Sean Patrick Flanery, Danielle Chuchran, Skyler Holman

For those that have a beloved pooch in their life, or those who simply adore dogs, The 12 Dogs of Christmas will certainly ensure your tail is wagging like crazy this Yuletide.

This family Christmas movie on Hulu introduces us to a young girl living in a little town that has enforced a ban on all dogs. Set on a mission to save all the sad pups in the community, the youngster attempts to teach her neighbors about the true meaning of Christmas.

6. The Man Who Saved Christmas (2002)

'The Man Who Saved Christmas' [Credit: CBS]
'The Man Who Saved Christmas' [Credit: CBS]
  • Director: Sturla Gunnarsson
  • Who's in it? Jason Alexander, Kelly Rowan, Ari Cohen

Based on a true story, The Man Who Saved Christmas brings to life the efforts of a skilled toymaker who commits himself to making toys during the First World War. A seasonal classic, despite perhaps failing a historical accuracy test, the movie continues to be one of the best feel-good holiday movies on Hulu.

7. A Christmas Wedding

  • Director: Michael Zinberg
  • Who's in it? Sarah Paulson, Eric Mabius, Richard Blackburn

Sarah Paulson stars in the Lifetime Television movie which sees a young couple prepare for their wedding, set to take place at Christmas. When perfectionist Emily (Paulson) struggles to put her work commitments on hold, it's all down to Ben to arrange the event.

Which uplifting Hulu Christmas movies will you be watching this dark winter?


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