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It's hard to go past the cinemas or your television screen without seeing something that has come from a comic book. Some might say that it's too much — well, they are idiots, and you shouldn't listen to them.

Joking aside, as great as comic book TV shows & movies are, nothing beats actually walking into a comic book store and reading a comic, or reading it on a portable medium. Every year, it seems the bar gets set higher and higher for comic quality, and that equals some great stories for us!

2016 was no different — here are just some of the DC & Marvel comics I fell in love with last year.

1) X-Men '92 (Marvel)

'X-Men 92' [Credit: Marvel]
'X-Men 92' [Credit: Marvel]

Writer: Chris Sims and Chad Bowers

Art: Alti Firmansyah

What's It About? The '90s are back with the X-Men returning for some new adventures!

Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters has reopened with a bunch of new young mutants — but that won't stop villains like Omega Red, Apocalypse and even Dracula from dropping by the school.

Why I Love It: I grew up with the animated series and some of the first comics I ever owned were X-Men, so to have a comic book that brings back that '90s team — original costumes and all — was something that I just HAD to read.

I definitely do not regret that decision; this series is amazing. It's pretty much the '90s series in book form with the heroes and villains we love, plus some new additions. The themes may be a little darker than the animated series would have allowed back then, but it is still pretty family-friendly. The art is great too, with crisp lines and bright colors that jump off the page.

2) Superman: Lois and Clark (DC Comics)

'Clark and Lois' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Clark and Lois' [Credit: DC Comics]

Writer: Dan Jurgens

Art: Lee Weeks

What's It About? Lois, Clark and their young son Jonathan are teleported to a new Earth, populated by some very familiar faces. While this Earth might be different from their own, there is one thing that's the same: Superman.

But this is an Earth where Superman is not trusted in the public eye, so what will it mean to have two of them?

Why I Love It: After reading some of the powerless storyline, I decided to give this a go, and I completely loved it. The dynamic between Clark, Lois and Jonathan is wonderfully written; the art is nothing new but is still good looking. Aside from Clark having a son, what makes this interesting to read is seeing Superman struggle to be normal. As another Superman saves the world, Clark must choose whether to join the fight in this new world.

3) Venom: Space Knight (Marvel)

'Venom' [Credit: Marvel]
'Venom' [Credit: Marvel]

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art: Ariel Olivetti

What's It About? A soldier, a double amputee and the host of an alien symbiote, Flash Thompson has left the Guardians of the Galaxy and now travels the Universe helping people.

Why I Love It: To me, Flash has always been the bully that harasses Peter in high school, and was always one of the Spider-Man's Big Bads. So to see the two of them come together and help people was amazing and entertaining to read — especially in the later issues!

A lot of this story takes place in space and on planets with new creatures, so the art and coloring is bright and well-designed, and the story keep me coming back for more.

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4) Moon Girl And Devil Dinosaur (Marvel)

'Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' [Credit: Marvel]
'Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur' [Credit: Marvel]

Writer: Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare

Art: Natacha Bustos

What's It About? Scared of the Inhuman genes inside her, Lunella Lafayette is a preteen genius who just wants to change the world. She gets help from an unlikely source: a giant red dinosaur that has been teleported from prehistoric times.

Why I Love It: I have never heard of these characters before, but in the spirit of getting back into comics, I decided to give this a go. I will never regret that decision — it's amazing! Not to mention, so adorable!

Both Lunella and Devil Dinosaur are amazing and entertaining — no mean feat, considering one of them doesn't even speak! This comic is insanely colorful — I don't think there's a single color that hasn't been used somewhere in these issues!

5) Doctor Fate (DC Comics)

'Doctor Fate' [Credit: DC Comics]
'Doctor Fate' [Credit: DC Comics]

Writer: Paul Levitz

Art: Sonny Liew

What's It About? An Egyptian-American first-year med student by the name of Khalid “Kent” Nassour has been chosen to be the new incarnation of Doctor Fate!

Overwhelmed, inexperienced and with no idea how to use his new abilities, Khalid must learn to control his powers before Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead, takes everything he loves.

Why I Love It: Although the artwork and coloring is not what I usually like, I loved this comic. The story and the character of Khalid is interested and grabs your attention and strangely enough, the art works with this book.

6) Spidey (Marvel)

'Spider-Man' [Credit: Marvel]
'Spider-Man' [Credit: Marvel]

Writer: Robbie Thompson

Art: Nick Bradshaw

What's It About? We are heading back to the early days and exploring the high school years of Peter Parker a.k.a. Spider-Man. As if school, homework and girl troubles weren't enough, now he has a whole bunch of bad guys coming after Spider-Man. Friends and foes, both new and old, return to New York and will remind us of the hero Spider-Man is.

Why I Love It: I've never been a huge fan of Spider-Man, but there have been a few different versions released recently. is my favorite so far; it's a lot lighter than a few of the others, and the story and the art are awesome. I love how each issue so far has been focused on a different villain and gives us a different look into Peter and Spider-Man's dynamic & story between the bad guys.

There you have it — there's just six of my favourites, and I could have added more. Some honorable mentions though are Midnighter, Grayson, Power Man and Iron Fist, The Uncanny Inhumans, Green Arrow: Rebirth, Groot and The Uncanny X-Men.

I can't even imagine what 2017 is going to bring — it's only January and there are some new ones rolling out and the previews show some interesting things to come. Justice League of America is getting a new line up, a new comic focused on Darth Maul is on its way as well as one on Rogue One's Chirrut and Baze.

What were your comic book highlights of the year? Anything you are looking forward to reading? Comment below.


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