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Another Comic-Con has come and gone, this time in New York City. Superfans of all genres came together to celebrate their favorite franchises, watching trailers and attending talks with cast members. But what better way to express your serious fandom than by dressing up like your favorite characters? Below is a round up of all the best-dressed cosplayers that strutted their stuff at New York Comic Con 2016, just in time to inspire you for Halloween. ;)

The vid for this year's NYCC hasn't been released yet, but check out the one from 2015 to see what all the fuss is about:

See also:

1. Quinning At Life

Harleys, Harleys, everywhere.

2. Seeing Double

Which enchantress wore it better?

3. Deadpool Junior

The Merc with the Mouth in miniature form.

4. Hot Demon Hunter

It must be impossible to find concealer in her shade.

5. Master Of The Frontier

This badass hunter is clearly the mistress of her own Destiny.

6. The Sanderson Sisters

Watch out! These ladies might look enchanting, but they'll put a spell on you for sure!

7. Worlds Collide

Rita Repulsa (Power Rangers) and Queen Beryl (Sailor Moon) slaying side by side.

8. Dragon Ballers

Apparently New York Comic-Con does not have a "no shirt no shoes no service" policy.

9. This Incredible Before And After Mystique

10. Why So Serious?

Does he look like he could leave a dead rat in your trailer? Yeah, actually, he kinda does.

11. Veruca Salt And Her Parents, Willy Wonka And Sarcastic Gene Wilder Meme

She might look sweet, but you just know she threw a tantrum to get that golden egg.

12. Harley Drives A Chevy

Hop in, Puddin'! ;)

13. This Spot-On Lightning Farron

Pink hair, don't care.

14. Wonder Woman For The Win

Can't wait for #WonderWoman to hit theaters? Check out everything you need to know right here.

15. This Comics/DCEU Hybrid Harley

That hair. That jumpsuit. It really is the best of both worlds.

16. Magnificent Maleficent

Eyebrows on fleek, gurl.

17. Undercover Iron Man

Tony Stark trying to go incognito. We see you, Tony!

18. These Overwatch Fans Go A Little Overboard

Just kidding. You're both perfect. Never change.

19. This Family Affair

Cheer up, Dad! We're almost done.

20. The Lannisters Send Their Regards

Hold the door! Hold the door!

What do you think about all these stunning cosplayers? Which is your favorite?

Want to do your own cosplay for Halloween? Check out this tutorial on how to do Comic Book Harley Quinn makeup...

...or this one for the Jared Leto-style Joker!


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