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"I'm not just selling the script. I'm selling me!"
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It's that time of year again where both children and adults dress up and eat copious amounts of candy. As usual, the internet has not disappointed with a wonderful array of thoughtful, terrifying and sexy costumes to honor and below are some of the best.

1. The Puppet And Her Master

Dolls are scary, so it's not surprising that this possessed broken doll sends shivers down my spine. Especially if you look into the demonic eyes of the puppet master. Creepy AF.

2. The Rock's Fanny Pack

This fanny-pack costume was a trending fav this year and we can see why, it's simple, effective and hilarious. Just what was thinking?

3. Why So Serious?

The paintwork for this cosplay is insanely good and incredibly eerie. I can't imagine how long this would have taken to complete. Fingers crossed for that it didn't rain that night.

4. The Oogie Boogie Man

The toe-tapping, jazz singing shadow on the moon at night was out in force for Comic-Con in true Halloween spirit.

5. The Corpse Bride And Her Victor

These guys are giving us serious with their Tim Burton costume. The bride's make-up is flawless and Victor is as lovable as ever.

6. The Sexiest Avatar Around

This is one red hot take on Neytiri as this stunning girl heads out in only body paint and a loin cloth. She even has the feathers and dreads down perfectly.

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7. Mars Attacks

The family that trick-or-treats together, stays together. This is an absurd effort, not only did mom have to make her costume but she had three others to do to. Mom of the year award goes straight to this lady.

8. Jon Snow White

The strange crossover of characters has left people reeling at the meets pun.

9. The Incredibles

Image by: Gallowboob

This incredible family are the Halloween superheroes we all deserve.

10. Amazon Prime

Image by: caronarnold

Admit it, you loled!

11. The Jailer

Image by: Weeperblast

If I bumped into this haunting creature from Dark Souls 3 in a dark alley I would soil myself. Fact.

12. In A World Full Of Princesses, Be A Toilet

Image: daymonster

You do you, girl!

14. Baby Neegan

Too soon?

15. Harley Quinn

Sure, the world and his wife were all this year, but the attention to detail involved in this on point cosplay deserves some love. Well done. puddin'.


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