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On the heels of the fantastic news of the super-sized (16 episodes!) Season 3 renewal of the hit AMC show , it's time people notice what a great show this is. Those who were disappointed by (and there were MANY) should really give Into the Badlands a shot. The story is fantastic, the characters are well developed, and the fight scenes are eye popping, to say the least.

I thought the best way to get people on board would be to show them how amazing the fight scenes are — the show devotes an entire production unit just for the fight scenes, and it shows. The action is highly stylized, and the actors put real blood, sweat and tears into providing the best onscreen battles on TV. So, here's a taste of the top five fight scenes so far this season. Strap in: Here we go!

5. Sunny Vs. The Mechs

Sunny, on the road with his buddy Bajie, comes across a nasty group who call themselves "Mechs," and the boys must fight their way out to continue Sunny's quest to get back to Veil, the love of his life.

4. The Widow Vs. The Barons

The Widow, a renegade Baron, battles with the other Barons of the badlands after she and her crew are banished from her barony. Along with her regent Tilda, and adviser Waldo, The Widow shows the other Barons who's boss!

3. Sunny Vs. Silver Moon

Sunny, still on the road with Bajie, encounters the legendary killer Silver Moon, and chaos soon follows. Silver Moon won't let Sunny leave, so a battle of the titans settles the issue.

2. Sunny Vs. The Abbots

Sunny, Bajie, M.K. and Ava battle the Abbots, a mysterious, shadowy group with supernatural powers they call "the gift." It is here we learn Bajie was a former Abbot, shocking Sunny to the core.

1. The Widow Vs. Ryder

In a virtuosic performance by actress Emily Beecham, The Widow stages a brutal attack on fellow Baron Ryder and his new bride, Jade. This is one of the most stylistic, beautifully choreographed fight scenes I've ever seen.

It reminds me very much of the incredible Uma Thurman scene from where she battles Go Go and the Crazy 88s. Don't remember? Well, here it is:

If this is something you dig, then I humbly ask you to check out Into The Badlands: it's well worth your time.

Behind The Scenes Bonus

Here's a fascinating inside look at the amount of work that goes into the fight sequences. Check it out:

Does this pique your interest? Will you give Into The Badlands a shot? Tell me about it in the comments section!


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