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Here at Now Loading, we were pretty impressed with some of the gaming-related tattoos we saw floating around the internet. So, naturally, we decided to commemorate all those awesome tattoos (and their artists!) by putting them all in one place.

There are far too many for a single post, though, so if you're looking for a specific game's tattoo collection, check out what games we've covered so far below. Don't see a game here? Let us know in the comments and we'll be sure to round up tattoos for it!

A Collection Of 50 Pokémon Tattoos

Should anyone really be surprised that there are so many Pokémon tattoos out there? Not only are there several hundred Pokémon to choose from as a way of identifying yourself, the series also has had several decades to inspire more than one generation to catch 'em all.

Check out our collection of Pokémon tattoos here.

29 Mario Tattoos That'll Inspire You To Save Your Own Princess

Pokémon may have more that one decade behind it, but it has nothing on gaming's most iconic plumber. Not too surprisingly, the result isn't quite as much a variety in the subjects of the tattoos so much as the style they're in. Super Mario World your Mario title of choice? Tattoo for that. Mario Galaxy? Got that too. Mario Golf? Yup, even that.

Check out our collection of Mario tattoos here.

Legend of Zelda Tattoos Worth All The Rupees In The World

We couldn't show off Mario tattoos without also showing off some Legend of Zelda ink as well. The franchise actually seems to have even more tattoos inspired by it than Mario, which goes to show that no matter how iconic he may be, he can't really beat a sword-wielding badass. Personally, I can't wait to see the inspired tattoos to come in the next few years.

Check out our collection of Legend of Zelda tattoos here.

Kingdom Hearts Tattoos To Unlock Your Heart

Our final collection (for now at least) comes from a series that's much younger but no less loved. As a result, there aren't quite as many tattoos, but I'm impressed by the creativity that went into them all the same. Hopefully we get in this lifetime so we can see even more tattoos added to this list.

Check out our collection of Kingdom Hearts tattoos here.

Want to see more gaming tattoos? Let us know what we should cover!


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