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Note: This list will be updated monthly to include the most recent and best gay movies on US Netflix.

The recent success of movies such as Moonlight and Call Me By Your Name confirms that audiences are more willing than ever to watch gay stories unfold on their screens. However, you don't need to always venture outside in order to enjoy the very best that queer cinema has to offer, not when there are plenty of gay movies on that you can chill to as often as you like.

Whatever your orientation may be, these tales of love, sex and the everyday experience of gay life all deserve your undivided attention. Also, most of these films are super hot... so whether you're alone or with a special 'friend', rev up everyone's favorite streaming service and get ready to chill with the best gay movies on Netflix.

12. 'Being 17/Quand On A 17 Ans' (2016)


Tom is continually harassed because of his sexuality by his classmate Damien. What sounds like a standard adolescent LGBT tale takes a turn after Damien's mother is taken ill, and the boys are forced to live together.

Why 'Being 17' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Director André Téchiné takes the typical tropes found in gay coming-of-age stories and flips them on their head in this turbulent narrative. Being 17 perfectly captures the confusion of teenage adolescence, blurring the lines between love and hate shared by the two leads.

11. 'Holding The Man' (2015)


A high school romance between Australian students Tim and John stands the test of time longer than anyone could have predicted, overcoming prejudice and sickness to span decades.

Why 'Holding The Man' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Holding The Man makes the transition from stage to screen with heartbreaking honesty. This powerful love story is packed full of raw emotion that does the original book proud.

10. 'Hurricane Bianca' (2016)


When a small Texan school fires a teacher after discovering he's gay, Richard decides to reapply for the job disguised as a woman, ready to take revenge on the townsfolk who wronged him.

Why 'Hurricane Bianca' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Anyone who's seen knows that Bianca Del Rio is the breakout star, cutting every other queen down to size with her razor-sharp wit and venomous retorts. It came as no surprise, then, that the superstar drag queen decided to helm her own comedy film shortly after. While there are a few misfires in this crowd-funded indie project, Hurricane Bianca is undoubtedly set to become a cult classic in the same vein as some of John Waters's more commercial fare.

9. 'King Cobra' (2016)


King Cobra stars Garret Clayton as a popular gay porn star who becomes embroiled in a tale of murder and deceit, after a producer (Christian Slater) refuses to let his hottest money-making machine go.

Why 'King Cobra' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Based on a true story, King Cobra takes us behind the scenes of Brent Corrigan's sexiest gay porn shoots in an exploitation film that will remain seared on your retinas long after the credits have rolled (and everyone begins to mop up).

8. 'The Way He Looks' (2014)


Blind Brazilian teenager Leonardo struggles to be more independent, navigating life with his best friend Giovana. Everything changes, though, when a new friend called Gabriel enters his world.

Why 'The Way He Looks' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Brazilian writer-director Daniel Ribeiro has fashioned a surprisingly sweet and old-fashioned coming-of-age story for his feature debut. The Way He Looks elegantly circumvents issues of prejudice to leave viewers with a sense of hope.

7. 'North Sea Texas' (2012)


Growing up in '50s Belgium is rather complicated for Pim, a quiet, sensitive teenager who begins to develop feelings for his close friend Gino while warding off female attention from his neighbor's sister.

Why 'North Sea Texas' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix::

Gay coming-of-age dramas may be a dime a dozen on Netflix, but North Sea Texas is refreshingly optimistic in its approach, exploring young love through a wistful framework that borders on dreamlike. This unique tone lends the film a timeless, nostalgic quality that sets North Seas Texas apart from other dramas of its ilk.

6. 'A Single Man' (2009)


After the death of his long-term partner, British college professor George Falconer struggles to hold onto life, navigating the waves of grief that threaten to consume him during the darkest 24 hours of his life.

Why 'A Single Man' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

While Tom Ford's eye for design transports audiences to a decadently gorgeous corner of '60s America, its 's Oscar-nominated performance that grounds A Single Man, bringing to life the lusciously dark tones of Christopher Isherwood's original novel.

5. 'G.B.F.' (2014)


After Tanner is unexpectedly outed at school, three warring high school queens fight in order to claim him as their hottest new accessory — the 'gay best friend'.

Why 'G.B.F.' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Underneath the genre flourishes that are typical of the high school comedy lies a surprisingly admirable message of tolerance that deserves to be enjoyed by a far wider audience. Gay teenagers finally have a high school comedy that they can call their own; one which plays with expectations of stereotype and gender more intelligently than we ever expected.

4. 'Bridegroom' (2013)


After his partner died at a tragically young age, Shane Bitney Crone discovered himself to be illegible for the legal protection that straight couples receive, and was even stopped from attending his dead lover's funeral.

Why 'Bridegroom' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

At their best, documentaries can hit us harder than a thousand Oscar-baiting dramas, so prepare to sob your heart out when you watch Bridegroom, which represents one of the most powerful arguments for equality that's ever been captured on film.

3. 'Stranger By The Lake' (2014)


While lounging around a gay cruising spot set by the lake, Franck suddenly finds himself drawn to the mysterious Michel, despite the fact that his new crush is secretly a murderer.

Why 'Stranger By The Lake' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Dubbed as an erotic gay thriller, Stranger By The Lake draws upon many elements of Alfred Hitchcock's iconic style, creating a disturbingly dark yet alluring film that transcends any negative associations that the story links with gay sex and death.

2. 'Weekend' (2011)


Glen and Russell become surprisingly intimate over the space of 48 hours, sharing a fleeting love that changes their lives forever.

Why 'Weekend' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Before he created HBO's groundbreaking show, , Andrew Haigh proved himself to be a powerful new voice in gay cinema with this seemingly improvised story of love. Weekend's story remains intimate throughout, yet still ultimately touches upon universal themes of heartbreak and joy.

1. Closet Monster (2016)


After witnessing a disturbing hate crime in his childhood, Oscar struggles to deal with his teenage urges, recoiling at the horror of his burgeoning sexuality with fear and shame.

Why 'Closet Monster' is one of the best gay movies on Netflix:

Director Stephen Dunn has crafted a near-perfect coming of age drama that steers clear of the genre's usual tropes, instead exploring the difficulties of adolescence through Cronenbergian body horror, a soundtrack destined for cult status and a talking hamster voiced by Isabella Rossellini. Love it or hate it, Closet Monster is one film that should be outed to the public at large and celebrated by the masses for its sheer scope and originality.

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While each of the films listed above are shining examples of queer cinema, such a description risks limiting their audience. At the end of the day, every single one of these gay movies that can be found on Netflix are shining examples of cinema, period, and deserve to be seen by as many people as possible.

Remember to check back each month as we update our list of best gay movies on Netflix, and let us know what your favorite films are on the streaming service right now!

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