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With Spidey having fun with the likes of Captain America and Iron Man over in the MCU, Sony is moving forward with its very own cinematic universe, which will begin with 2018's Venom and continue with Silver and Black. Up until today, the planned franchise had been said to be a completely separate universe from the MCU, but that stance has seemingly changed.

Recently, producer and Kevin Feige sat down for an interview while promoting Spider-Man: Homecoming. There, Pascal left fans speechless by announcing that Venom and future installments from the Sony/Marvel universe would be part of the MCU.

Here's the thing: While knowing Venom is part of the MCU is enough to get us excited, fans noticed 's peculiar reactions to Pascal statements. As you can imagine, the announcement itself took a back seat as the Internet had the best time with Feige's expressions because they were...well, just see for yourself:

The Internet Reacts To Kevin Feige's Reaction

Here's what people had to say:

With how popular the "Marvel snipers" joke is, I'm surprised there wasn't a single one around the internet.

Now, keep in mind that, while the interview looked like an awkward encounter between the two, Studios has always been extremely careful with the information that gets released to fans. So for now, at least, it looks like and will be part of the MCU. Given all the potential these characters have in a much larger shared universe, I'm excited to see where they can go.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.

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