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Nearly two weeks ago, professional joke-cracker and comic book fan Kevin Smith showed the world of online commenters how it's done by mercilessly tearing down a troll who'd essentially told his daughter to go die below one of her Instagram posts. But instead of lashing out at the idiot, he gave him some solid advice:

If you hate me (or my kid) this much, the better use of your time is to make YOUR dreams come true, instead of slamming others for doing the same.

Not only was this the best lesson in internet etiquette we'd heard in a long time, Smith's outburst was yet another addition to the awesome list of times he's simply been the best kind of dad to his daughter. Sometimes he's the kind of dad who picks you up at school by waving his hands and yelling your name really loudly in front of your friends, sometimes he's the dad who knows exactly what you want for your birthday — here are seven recent times the Yoga Hosers star and director were just the perfect mix of awkward and adorable.

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1. August 2016: The Dumbledick

Showing up on Stephen Colbert's show despite hating to sit down, like he says, Smith treated us to a deliciously cringeworthy text exchange between him and his daughter about this fantastic nickname: Dumbledick. Jump to 6:45 for the story.

Here's some advice, Smith: Just don't tell your kid about sexy names you use in bed with her mom. Just don't.

2. August 2016: Harley Quinn Meets Harley Quinn

Yes, Harley Quinn Smith was named after the DC character, so what better present is there than getting her to meet the actress who brought her to the big screen for the first time? You rock, Kevin!

3. July 2016: Harley And Joker At Comic-Con

Somehow his nickname fits him perfectly, too. Usually kids would be incredibly pleased that their parents are into the same stuff as them, but this time it feels more like the other way around!

4. June 2016: Proud Prom Dad

Once more, this description is equally adorable, equally "Oh stop it, Dad." By the way, if you haven't seen the totally bonkers trailer for Yoga Hosers yet, check it out:

5. January 2016: The Second Christmas

Does the best present ever compensate for your dad posting a picture of your ugly cry face on social media? Apparently yes, yes it does.

6. January 2016: When In Doubt, Get Cake

At the beginning of the year, Harley went through quite the unsettling ordeal when a bunch of men tried to pass themselves for her Uber, telling her to get in the car. Fortunately she only listened to her own sense that something was wrong, but it was still a shocking experience. That's exactly the kind of moment you can count on Kevin to find the exact thing that will cheer her up.

7. November 2014: Adorbz, But Ew!

Kevin Smith on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
Kevin Smith on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert

To end this father-daughter love lineup with a typically Kevin Smith quote, here's a choice excerpt from his interview with

"It was a very cool thing to see my kid on the show. I was watching the first cut of the episode with Harley and there's a shot of her and I at the podcast table in a two shot talking to each other. Same thing that I do every day with my kid, but generally nothing is capturing that image. So there I am looking at myself talking to my kid on the set of 'Comic Book Men' surrounded by my friends and I was fucking thunderstruck by the notion that this kid came out of my balls and here we are having a conversation on television. It's fucking strange!"

Never change, Smith family.

Did you enjoy Yoga Hosers? What's your favorite Kevin Smith moment?



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