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There are a whole bunch of fantastic Mafia and Gangster movies, but there are some who are truly the kings of the crop, capiche? In no particular order, check out 10 of the very, very best Mafia movies with the most badass Italian (or otherwise) gangsters ever to grace the silver screen.

1. Goodfellas

Released: 1990

Director: Martin Scorsese

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2. The Godfather series

Released: 1972 onwards

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

3. Casino

Released: 1995

Director: Martin Scorsese

4. Gomorrah

Released: 2008

Director: Matteo Garrone

5. Scarface

Released: 1983

Director: Brian De Palma

6. Donnie Brasco

Released: 1997

Director: Mike Newell

7. The Departed

Released: 2006

Director: Martin Scorsese

8. Mean Streets

Released: 1973

Director: Martin Scorsese

9. Once Upon a Time in America

Released: 1984

Director: Sergio Leone

10. The Untouchables

Released: 1987

Director: Brian de Palma

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