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The 2017 have come to a close and there was an abundance of great moments filled throughout the award show. Jimmy Fallon stepped up to the job to host the prestigious event and it was a great night for representation and diversity. With so many great moments, I'm here highlighting the best surprises, speeches, and moments at the 74th Golden Globe Awards.

1. La La Land Wins The Night With 7 Nominations

Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC
Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC

was easily one of the entire country's favorite movies of the year; it's been receiving an almost overwhelming amount of attention and love over these past few weeks. Tonight followed this trend with the award ceremony not holding back on its love for the film. The romantic drama received 7 nominations, including Best Director, Best Picture, Best Score, Best Original Song, Best Actor, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay.

We all expected La La Land to snag a couple of these but in the end, the movie pulled its magic once again and managed to win all seven nominations! Clearly, this film had a major impact on Hollywood and it will go down as an instant classic in film history, not the least of which because of its incredible music:

All these wins makes it seem that La La Land is the frontrunner to win Best Picture (among many other awards) at the this year.

2. Diversity Wins The Golden Globes

Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC
Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC

Diversity is becoming more and more an integral part of every year and this year's Golden Globe award ceremony didn't hold back from showing the world how diverse Hollywood actually is. From people of color to the LGBTQ community, inclusion was at the forefront of tonight's show, loud and proud, and the speeches of many of the winners reflected that.

3. Viola Davis Knocks Not One But Two Speeches Out Of The Park

Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC
Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC

Viola Davis is one of the most powerful, outstanding actresses of our current age. She gave two magnificent speeches during tonight's award ceremony, and while her tribute to Meryl Streep was stunning, it was her acceptance speech for her win for Best Supporting Actress for that was the most moving.

She talked about the importance of theater and telling true American stories that aren’t always told and how important it is to bring plays to the big screen, even though it may not bring in the most cash at the box office.

4. Ryan Gosling Loves His Wife - And Maybe Ryan Reynolds

Courtesy: La La Land/Lionsgate
Courtesy: La La Land/Lionsgate

It was no surprise that the La La Land hype train would continue on strong and grant Ryan Gosling best supporting actor. When he won his award, his wife, Eva Mendes, was not there in attendance and when he went up to give his speech, he wanted to let the audience know why she wasn't there and more importantly, he wanted to let Eva know how much he loves her - also with a shout-out to Ryan Reynolds.

Gosling is usually quiet about his relationship but talked about how when he was working on La La Land, his wife was raising their daughter while pregnant with their second, all the while trying to help her brother fight his battle with cancer, which sadly ended in his death at the age of 53.

5. Steve Carell and Kristen Wiig Crush The Best Bit

Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC
Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC

There were a few poignant, serious moments in tonight's ceremony. However, Steve Carell and Kirsten Wiig lightened the mood of the night with their hilarious bit, which outshone all the others. In introducing the nominees for Best Animated Film, they transitioned to discussing their personal experiences while watching their first animated movie and then it just got dark - hilariously dark.

6. Zootopia Wins Best Animated Movie

Courtesy: Zootopia/Walt Disney Pictures
Courtesy: Zootopia/Walt Disney Pictures

Speaking of animation, 2016 had a variety of amazing animated movies from to . However, Zootopia won on its originality and creativity, not to mention the message it sent, which the creators touched upon during their acceptance speech:

The creators dove into the main reason myself and many others enjoy this film: is an entertaining movie but at the same time, it addresses the idea of diversity in society and learning to live with one another and coexist in the world.

7. Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds Get a Beautiful Tribute

The devastating story of the early passing of Princess Leia herself, , and then a day later, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, dying of a broken heart broke all of our hearts.

The Golden Globes had its very own, beautiful tribute to the two Hollywood legends that made everyone cry once again. On top of this amazing video, many actors and actresses referenced and Debbie Reynolds throughout the night, talking about how sad it is that they are no longer with us but that they left a huge mark on Hollywood.

8. Queen Meryl Streep Receives Lifetime Achievement Award

Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC
Courtesy: Golden Globes/NBC

Last but not least, received a lifetime achievement award from Viola Davis and undoubtedly gave the most motivating speech of the night. As always, she was fearless and out spoken, slamming President-elect Donald J. Trump, but also speaking about how proud she is to have gotten to do what she does for a living, how lucky they all are, and the necessity of empathy.

The respect for her in the room was palpable with her receiving massive applause from the audience of her peers.

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