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*There will be heavy spoilers in this article for Logan. Please proceed with caution.*

has just hit theaters in a profound way. Borrowing elements of the comic book story Old Man Logan, the film attempts to transcend the superhero movie genre in a way that not even The Dark Knight did. While the movie is very much a continuation of the X-Men universe, it’s also a film that rightfully stands by itself, a neo-noir with elements of a science fiction and Westerns thrown in for good measure.

Logan has many gritty action set pieces that are definitely worth seeing with plenty of blood and gore thrown into the mix. However it’s the smaller, more subtle moments that truly make this stand out as not just one of the best comic book film adaptations of all time, but a phenomenal film, period. With getting a Golden Globes nomination and some enthusiastic (if entirely unrealistic) Oscar buzz, there's no reason to believe that Logan, which is even more well-crafted and realistic, couldn't get an Oscar nod for writing, directing, or acting. Or even—dare I say it?—Best Picture consideration.

Here are five moments from the movie that make the case Logan deserves some Oscar love.

1. Charles Informs Logan That He’s Gone Back To His Old Ways

Charles always considered himself as a father figure to Logan, ever since he brought him in to his Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. As with many parent-child relationships, they have to deal with their disappointment in one another.

For Charles, the bitter disappointment is that of a father whose son has never lived up to his potential. Logan is now a raging alcoholic who doesn’t seem interested in starting a family which was something Charles always wanted for him (more on this in another scene later). He doesn't even seem to have a passion or purpose at this point. The scene is crucial in every way because it shows the inevitable decay of a relationship that's founded firmly on real love but has gone on far too long with two men who have outlived a time in which they belonged.

2. Logan Shows His Parenting Skills Need Some Polish

The dynamic of Logan/Wolverine and Laura/X-23 is more fraught and angry than you might expect between a father and daughter. The two share a mutual bond together as they both have adamantium claws and have gone through the same types of experiments, but they discover a deeper bond when it's revealed that she shared his DNA; he is, technically, her father.

But this is not the overjoyed, tear-stained reunion you might expect. Logan is neither ready nor willing to be a father, and he resents the presence of this little girl in his life as it means he has to, for the first time in a long time, be responsible. To give a shit about something.

The scene in which she nearly kills a convenience store clerk is the first moment he shows any sort of parenting, yanking her arm away and yelling “Not okay!” as if she were a dog to train shows that he only knows how to parent as he's lived: with very little patience. His resentment that he now has to be responsible for a half-feral lab experiment—as Charles once did with him—is palpable in the scene.

3. Comic Book Characters Aren't Alive In The Real World

In a very meta moment, Logan goes through Laura’s backpack only to find a few old comic books. This scene was absolutely essential as it serves a dual purpose: One, it shows that the X-Men—Wolverine among them—are idolized by a public still holding onto their glory days. But it also serves to underscore the bitterness of Logan's reality. He knows that these stories are mostly fabricated fantasies, used to commercialize them for a profit. The real world has killed his friends and taken away almost everyone he loves, and his life has certainly not been the one depicted in those comic books.

But it’s another moment that also shows that Logan has a long way to go in regard to communicating as a parent. Yes, the stories are mostly false. Yes, life is hard. But Laura is a young mutant who has never known kindness, one for whom those comic books—and the sanctuary they promised—were her lifeline in a largely cold and cruel world. That Logan let his anger rip away one of her few bright spots shows how very selfish he's become in his last years.

4. The Munsons' Family Dinner

After Charles and Logan safely round up the Munsons' horses on the road, they accept the family's invitation for a nice dinner at their house. It's my favorite scene, one that paints a beautiful picture with Logan, Charles, and Laura enjoying a home-cooked meal together and having an engaging conversation with the Munsons. There’s even a humorous moment where Logan, embarrassed by his indifference, tries to teach Laura some table manners by not having her hog all of the corn.

Charles also has a wonderful moment with Logan educating him that this is what a family is all about.

“This is what life looks like. People love each other.”

It's a touching exchange when Logan realizes that this is a part of his life he has been sorely missing. But it's a wistful one because Charles' failings are that of any parent: He wants so much for his "son" to be happy, to settle down, that he doesn't acknowledge the reality that, in this lifetime, it most likely won't be possible for Logan.

5. Laura Turns The Cross Into An ‘X’

Everyone knew this was coming, though not how: He finally meets his end at the hands of his own clone, X-24. As the final battle between them comes to a close, Logan is impaled by a tree and dies in the hands of Laura. He has sacrificed his own life for the young mutants in order to protect them from the Reavers. In the last moments of his life, he regains his sense of purpose and the latent sparks of nobility that Charles had so desperately been trying to rekindle in him.

Later, Laura and the other mutants give Logan a proper burial. The final shot displays Laura taking the wooden cross and laying it down on top of the grave. By doing so, the cross become an “X” over the grave: Wolverine was the last of the X-Men, and now he is gone. It’s a perfectly symbolic way to honor both the character and , as the final scene concludes the actor's final chapter as Wolverine.

What was your favorite subtle moment from the films? Do you think Logan deserves an Oscar nomination? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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