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Wonder Woman’s feature debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice was arguably one of the standouts from that film. Aside from the positive views on Ben Affleck’s portrayal of #Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman proved to be a big surprise for fans of the character. Wonder Woman has been a staple in DC’s #JusticeLeague, ever since the character was introduced around the same time the United States joined WWII.

DC is changing history up a bit as #WonderWoman will instead take place in WWI. From everything I’ve seen so far, I can honestly say that this movie looks to be a great period piece especially for those who may be a bit unfamiliar with WWI. This film will help to further establish the #DCEU as we inch ever closer to Justice League Part I.

There were many great moments from the latest trailer. Some were better than others. Here are the 10 most badass moments from the trailer, which you can watch below.

1. An Amazonian Warrior Takes Flight

Here, we see an Amazonian warrior jump off a cliff using her rope and arrow to help her glide along the cliff. It’s a moment that’s short-lived, however, since it appears that she took a fatal shot from one of the soldiers charging up the beach. Still, it’s a great shot while also showing the audience the amazing land of Themyscira.

2. Blocking Bullets Like A Boss

We have quite a few shots of Diana blocking bullets with her Bracelets of Submission, however, this one depicts her lightning reflexes. The best part of this entire shot is how nonchalant she appears while doing it. It’s a great moment that shows off her agility, but it simply doesn’t compare to the look on the attacker's face after she blocks the bullet from point-blank range.

3. Taking Out Criminals For Breakfast

This shot is a continuation from the previous one. It looks as though multiple gang members will corner both Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) and Diana Prince in an alleyway. Unfortunately for them, they don’t know they have clearly messed with the wrong woman. She once again blocks multiple bullets with ease and gives us a little taste of some of her hand-to-hand combat skills — all without wearing any armor.

4. Wonder Woman Headed For Battle

If there’s one shot in this trailer that proves Wonder Woman’s courage and willingness to be in the midst of battle, this is it. Wonder Woman isn't fazed by anything, prepared to fight no matter the circumstances. This moment shows her true bravery, compassion, and what a dedicated hero she is even in the heat of battle. I cannot wait to see this scene unfold on the big screen.

5. Blocking A Bullet One Mile Away

You’d think that the enemy would have learned by now that bullets do absolutely nothing to Wonder Woman. But alas, bullets will fly and with that Diana will just have to keep doing her thing. The slow motion shot of the bullet ricocheting off her bracelet is a thing of beauty.

6. Wonder Woman Jumps Through A Window

While there are many blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moments, boy, does this one deliver. Taking the enemy by surprise, Wonder Woman jumps through a glass window, shattering it in the process. An epic fight is about to begin as the enemy comes face-to-face with the Amazonian warrior.

7. Wonder Woman Slays An Enemy While Riding A Horse

This scene was briefly shown in the Comic-Con trailer, but here we get to see Diana, on a horse, cutting down what is presumably an enemy combatant riding the other way on a motorcycle. Though quick, this gives us another glimpse into Wonder Woman’s iconic fighting methods. Not only is she fast on foot, but she can be even deadlier riding on a horse.

8. Fear The Lasso Of Truth

Though we saw brief glimpses of her using her famous Lasso of Truth on Doomsday in #BatmanVSuperman, this clip shows audiences that Wonder Woman will be using this weapon to subdue enemies. I honestly cannot wait to see what they have in mind for the Lasso of Truth, as I’m getting more excited by the minute just to see more footage of this iconic weapon of hers.

9. Spinning/Jumping Roundhouse Kick To The Shoulder

This guy's in for one hell of a hurting. Wonder Woman is seen flipping into a roundhouse kick to the enemy's shoulder (he’s just fortunate it’s not to his face). We should expect plenty of hand-to-hand combat from this movie, and this shot gives us a taste of what it might look like. The enemy better watch out because when Wonder Woman is fighting mano-a-mano, there’s only one clear winner and it's not going to be any of them.

10. Wonder Woman Takes Out A Support Pillar

As if her sword couldn’t have been sharper, this clip shows that the blade on her sword will cut through anything like butter as long as Diana's the one swinging it. In this case, it’s a support pillar in what appears to be the enemies' base. Was this done purposely? It seems like Wonder Woman is trying to bring the whole place to the ground.

What was your favorite shot from this trailer? Share your thoughts in the comment section below and don’t forget to share!

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