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Everyone and their dog knows who Batman, Spider-Man and Superman are, but and offer so many unique characters who don't receive enough recognition. Their comics deserve to be read, but just can't find an audience.

So to help those titles out — and to help you find something awesome to read in 2017 — here are five comics that should really be in the top 10 in sales every month (but sadly are not). Some of these titles feature obscure characters; others feature extremely popular characters, but have yet to gain any real traction for whatever reason. Either way, if you're looking to check out some new comics in the new year, you can't go wrong with these!

(Minor spoilers for each title follow.)

1. Mother Panic

Mother Panic/Young Animal/DC Comics
Mother Panic/Young Animal/DC Comics

This story takes place in Batman's stomping ground, Gotham City, but focuses on feisty protagonist Violet Page, an heiress out to prove something. This isn't solely a DC comic, but is rather published under Young Animal, one of its subsidiaries.

Why not just go under the banner of DC? It will only take a page or two for you to realize that the Young Animal imprint is intended for mature readers only. The book includes cursing and edgier topics (even though most comics are pretty edgy nowadays). Think HBO instead of Cartoon Network.

Young Animal was started by Gerard Way, the former frontman of popular band My Chemical Romance . Mother Panic is only on its first issue, but has immaculate panels and a story that seems to be leading to something special in terms of its narrative!

Mother Panic
Mother Panic

2. Champions

Champions/Marvel Comics
Champions/Marvel Comics

The younger members of the Avengers were sick and tired of fighting with a group of people who did not believe in the same ideals. So, they formed their own team: Sam Alexander (Nova), Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel), Miles Morales (Spider-Man), Amadeus Cho (Hulk) and one of the coolest characters Marvel has to offer, Viv Vision.

This comic deals with pressing issues currently surrounding the globe. The message of Champions is that, no matter your standing in society, it's always important to stand up for what you believe in. If you'd like to read a comic with a political conscience, filled with loveable characters whose relationships are expertly built up by writer Mark Waid, then Champions might be the best comic book currently out.

3. The Unworthy Thor

The Unworthy Thor/Marvel Comics
The Unworthy Thor/Marvel Comics

A little while ago, Thor lost control and became unworthy, but Thor's hammer from the Ultimate Universe, which was supposedly destroyed in Secret Wars, somehow made its way to the main universe. In the first two issues, we discover that Odinson still has what it takes to be mighty — and his journey back is top-notch.

What makes this comic book truly special is that Thor blames no one but himself, and he's trying to do everything to make things right once more. The twist in the latest issue makes it worth the price of both comics alone. The biggest draw of this comic is that it's written by Jason Aaron, one of the greatest writers in the industry.

4. All-New Wolverine

All-New Wolverine/Marvel Comics
All-New Wolverine/Marvel Comics

At first, some fans worried that with Laura Kinney instead of Logan, we'd get a watered-down version of Wolverine — but instead we are reading a story with so much heart (and so many fascinating philosophical quandaries) that you want to read a new issue as soon as you've finished the current one. Laura Kinney is one of the most complex characters in comics, and Tom Taylor is not afraid to explore both the darkness and the light that defines Wolverine as a person and a hero, showing you that as long as you have a mixture of passion and kindness, you will find your way.

5. Trinity

Trinity is currently running circles around DC's flagship title Justice League, with each issue leaving us wanting more and more! The best thing is how much time is spent on each individual member's personalities and skills. If these three heroes — Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman – lack your interest, than sadly you might not be into comic books.

These five comics are different because they're not wrapped up in the plot of a main event, so they're free to do what they wish to do. We can discover new heroes — and new sides of heroes that we already love.

Which of these lesser-known comics do you plan to read? What other comics do you recommend checking out? Let us know in the comments below?


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