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"Did they make a Pitch Perfect 3?" asks my husband this morning. He may very well have heard me watching the official trailer for the third (and reportedly final) chapter in the offbeat, quirky and fun a cappella series. He seemed vaguely disappointed when I told him it had not yet been released — hello, Dec. 22, 2017 — but now we've got a whole six months to warm up our pitch pipes and get ready for a new round of riff-offs. It'll be aca-awesome!

I am by no means a musical person but I have been known to break into song with my daughters in the car if the mood (and the right song) strikes. They, too, loved Pitch Perfect and Pitch Perfect 2, with both randomly quoting Becca () and Fat Amy () lines should the mood (and opportunity) strike.

As we eagerly wait for Pitch Perfect 3, which sees the return of the Barden Bellas and leads the masses to wonder where Jesse (Skylar Astin), Benji (Benjamin Platt) and Bumper (Adam DeVine) are, here's a look at some of the best moments.

6. 'Just A Dream/Just The Way You Are'

This moment from Pitch Perfect, staged as the Bellas finally start to realize they could be something very special as a group, was far and away my favorite. Whether it's Anna Kendrick's Becca and Anna Camp's Aubrey smiling as they hear themselves working together for the first time, or Brittany Snow's Chloe taking the lead on "Just The Way You Are" with a beautifully husky voice, it's really difficult to not start smiling and singing along as the girls really show us — and each other — what they have as a group.

5. The First Riff-Off

This is probably one of the most entertaining musical mashups in recent history, and it was easy to see just how much fun everyone was having during this scene. From the moment Becca looks at her fellow singers, trying to determine what, exactly, a "riff-off" might be, to Jesse singing "Feels Like The First Time," to Becca and the rest of the Bellas killing "No Diggity," this riff-off sets audiences up for the fun to follow in the rest of the movie.

4. The Finale — Treblemakers' Turn!

If anyone ever had any doubt that Ben Platt could sing, listening to him, Skylar Astin and the rest of the Treblemakers in the original Pitch Perfect finale should easily lay that to rest. The recent Tony winner (for Dear Evan Hansen) shows he has an easy handle on "I've Got The Magic In Me" — and some close-up magic, too! Who can forget Utkarsh Ambudkar as Donald completely slaying an improv rap performance during Platt's number, either?

3. The First Finale — The Bellas!

This sums up everything that the first Pitch Perfect was about: fun, finding a voice, and loving the music. Hana Mae Lee's beatboxing is completely on point, Ester Dean shows she can sing and rap, Brittany Snow is having a ball "hitting" the low bass line (thank you, vocal nodes surgery), and Anna Kendrick is at her flirty best. If you weren't bouncing in your seat to the music before this number, this will be the scene that re-ignites your soul.

2. The Second Riff-Off

Bless you, Hailee Steinfeld. You got a whole bunch of attention — including an Oscar nod — for your role in 2010's True Grit (and deservedly so), but it was like you disappeared for a bit between that and your appearance in Pitch Perfect 2. As awkward newcomer Emily Junk, you are far more than your character's last name implies. Your tentative foray at the tail end of the Bellas' attempt to win the riff-off hosted by David Cross may have blown the Bellas' chances at winning the Dave & Buster's gift card, but it made the whole scene worth it, as it really showed the audience just how sweet and wonderful your character was.

Besides, who could forget the Green Bay Packers' version of "Bootylicious?"

1. 'Flashlight'

This was probably one of the most beautiful and poignant moments in the movie. Not only were the Bellas daring enough to sing an original number, they brought out the Bellas of years past, a legacy that apparently included the likes of Katy Sagal, who played Emily Junk's mom, and Good Morning America's Robin Roberts. Introduced with a rousing version of "Who Run The World (Girls)" mixed with "We Belong," this was a winner in every sense of the word.

Looking Forward

While it seems, according to the recently-released teaser trailer, that the Bellas might be looking for a way to recapture their former glory for Pitch Perfect 3, the fact that the girls appear to be going on a USO tour that might be slightly more adventurous than their previous musical tours promises some new ideas for the Bellas. It seems that Gail (Elizabeth Banks) and John (John Michael Higgins) are also returning to continue their snide, snarky commentary about everyone's favorite a cappella group, which means that the Bellas — and any other a cappella group — will definitely be in for a rough go.

WAre you ready to be pitch-slapped (again)? Pitch Perfect 3 opens Dec. 22, 2017.

What is your favorite Pitch Perfect moment?


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