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Aside from the awesome musical performances, one of the main reasons for the success of is the relatable factor of its characters. From tough college times to secret crushes, the No. 1 a cappella comedy is full of wonderfully awkward moments — and with a witty dialogue to boot, it's an endless source of inspiration for all those sassy comebacks we wish we'd thought of sooner.

Until you master the art of improvised a cappella singing, the best Pitch Perfect quotes below will bring you just a little closer to the Bella brand of aca-awesomeness.

1. 'You Call Yourself Fat Amy?'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"Aubrey: What's your name?

Fat Amy: Fat Amy.

Aubrey: You call yourself Fat Amy?

Fat Amy: Yeah, so twig bitches like you don't do it behind my back."

Life hack: You can't be bullied if you've got more confidence than the bully.

2. 'You Guys Are Gonna Get Pitch-Slapped So Hard, Your Man Boobs Are Gonna Concave'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"Fat Amy: You guys are gonna get pitch-slapped so hard, your man boobs are gonna concave."

Nothing cements a friendship like a shared vocabulary that makes no sense whatsoever to foreign ears.

3. 'No, I'm Not Drunk At All. You're Just Blurry'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"Beca: You're really drunk right now. I don't think you're gonna remember any of this.

Jesse: No, I'm not drunk at all. You're just blurry."

One of the very best Pitch Perfect quotes if you ask me. Isn't drunkenness just an illusion? Where's the wine?

4. 'Could You Please Get Your Head Out Of Your Ass? It's Not A Hat!'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"Aubrey: Chloe, could you please get your head out of your ass? It's not a hat!"

The kind of statement that gets your point across. Spoken like a true leader.

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5. 'You All Have Fat Hearts, And That's What Matters'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"Fat Amy: Even though some of you are pretty thin, you all have fat hearts, and that's what matters."

Don't do diets; make your heart fatter.

6. 'Sometimes I Have The Feeling I Can Do Crystal Meth, But Then I Think, Mmm... Better Not'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"Bumper: I have a feeling we should kiss. Is that a good feeling or an incorrect feeling?

Fat Amy: Well... sometimes I have the feeling I can do crystal meth, but then I think, mmm... better not."

As for most of the best Pitch Perfect quotes, we're not sitting very high on the scale of subtleness — but again, it's the kind of comeback that will shut down the conversation just when you need it.

7. 'I'm Gonna Have To Excuse Myself To Freshen Up The Downtown'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

"John: The bad boys of a cappella have just gotten badder!

Gail: Whoo! That's right, John, I'm gonna have to excuse myself to freshen up the downtown."

Commentators John and Gail are the very definition of classiness, as proven by Gail's elegant term for — well, you know. One can never have too many words to speak about sex.

8. 'Aca-scuse Me? Synchronized Lady Dancing To A Mariah Carey Chart-Topper Is Not Lame!'

[Credit: Movie Pilot]
[Credit: Movie Pilot]

Chloe: "So, are you interested?"

Beca: "Sorry, it's just... it's pretty lame."

Aubrey: "Aca-scuse me? Synchronized lady dancing to a Mariah Carey chart-topper is not lame!"

Perhaps one of the best lessons of Pitch Perfect is that you can only be convincing if you're convinced yourself. So, own that stupid hobby of yours and go convert the world!

Who's your favorite Pitch Perfect character?

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