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If you are anything like me, then you LOVE . You live, eat, breathe and sleep horror. I spend a lot of my days sitting at the computer writing articles for various sites and I always love to have on in the background. I also drive a lot so podcasts are a huge part of my life. As a horror fan and an avid podcast listener, I have taken it upon myself to collect for all you horror homies the best horror podcasts around.

5. Shock Waves (Formerly Killer POV)

The Shock Waves crew comes to you directly from the heart of horror at the Blumhouse offices. The podcast drops two episodes weekly — Monday and Friday. Every Monday, the crew interviews someone from the horror industry. They have a wide array of interview guests ranging from Fede Alvarez (director of ) to living legends like Lloyd Kaufman. Every Friday, they catch up with all the latest horror happenings and movie news, check-in with everyone to see what they all have watched and even, on occasion, play fun games all horror nerds will enjoy.

4. The Movie Crypt

The Movie Crypt is hosted by two horror celebrities, Adam Green (director of , Frozen) and Joe Lynch (director of , Everly). These guys are not afraid to dig deep into horror and filmmaking. The episodes are lengthy, but they go in-depth. The hosts and their guests are not afraid to get candid about some of the perks and difficulties they face in the movie industry. Guests range from scream queen Danielle Harris to Hollywood producer Jeff Katz. It's not always all horror, but it remains intriguing nonetheless.

3. Bananalaser

The dudes and horror nerds at Bananalaser podcast are just that — everyday Joes who have a passion for the genre. Their episodes range from horror news discussions to in-depth retrospectives on many of your favorite horror franchises. Their Halloween franchise retrospective spans an impressive 13 hours (!) spilling facts and knowledge that every fan should listen to. The dudes also provide an occasional fan commentary on horror favorites.

2. ScreamQueenz

ScreamQueenz in unique in the fact that it covers horror from an LGBT perspective. The host is a knowledgeable horror nerd that covers some of the more macabre flicks in horror history. If you want to discover some of the lesser-known movies out there and really expand your knowledge, definitely give this one a listen.

1. The Skeleton Crew

Much like the guys over on Bananalaser, The Skeleton Crew consists of diehard horror fans. They prove knowledgeable and passionate about the genre they so love. Their shows include interviews with some of the horror industry's best, like Felissa Rose () and Linda Blair (). They also provide fan commentaries and retrospectives for some of your favorite horror franchises.

Give some of these podcasts a try and if you think I missed anything awesome, let me know in the comments below! Happy listening, horror homies!

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