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On February 5, 2017, Fox will be televising an event that millions of rabid fans have been waiting months, maybe years for.

And right before it, they're going to air the Super Bowl.

You heard that right, I'm looking forward to 24: Legacy just a little bit more than I am . Watching the trailer, and being a fan of the original 24, how could I not be?

There have been threats of riots and not-watching parties due to the fact that Jack Bauer isn't going to be in the show. Or is he? A hashtag even popped up earlier this year, . You know it's serious when it has a hashtag.

Like it, love it or hate it, is happening, with or without Jack Bauer (my money is on him showing up in the last episode to save the day). But do the producers of the reboot and Corey Hawkins (Heath from The Walking Dead), as Eric Carter, know just what they have to live up to? Here are twenty-four!

Day 1

1. “Where Is My Family?!”

Jack tortures, kills, and tries to revive a guy who knows where his family is being held hostage. With Eric Carter's wife being a part of the reboot, let's just hope if she gets kidnapped, Carter can one-up Jack Bauer and find her in time to save her. See number three for more info.

2. Jack Believes His Daughter Is Dead

Even though she isn't, when Jack thinks someone killed his daughter, that someone is as good as dead.

3. Teri Bauer's Death

Forget The Walking Dead; 24 was killing off lead characters before it was cool. Although he was already a badass, Jack's wife's death had a hand in turning him into the ruthless, terrorist killing, stop-at-nothing-to-save-the-day kind of guy he was.

Day 2

4. “I'm Gonna Need A Hacksaw”

I'm sorry about the quality of this video and the fact that you don't get to see the beheading (should I be sorry about that?), but in order to prove his “loyalty” to a bad dude he was trying to take down, Bauer had to cut off the head of a guy who was going to testify against said bad dude. Brutal.

5. Nuclear George Mason Goes Even More Nuclear

Oh, George...dammit George. After being exposed to plutonium, George knows he has days left to live, so he goes out in style.

This was fairly early on in the series, when we, as viewers, still thought could die.

Day 3

6. Chase Gives Jack A Hand

Chase takes things far too literally sometimes.

7. Death Of Ryan Chappelle

Jack had no choice but to end Director of Intelligence Ryan Chappelle, or terrorists would end 3 million people.

8. Jack Kills Nina Myers

I was really hoping Kim would get to avenge her mother's death, but once again, Jack “Where's The Bomb?!” Bauer saved the day.

Day 4

9. Tony Returns And Saves The Day!

Just when we thought Jack was about to, we never learn, do we?

10. Jack Dies

But because the dude has more lives than Chuck Norris's cat, he came back for Day 5.

Day 5

11. David Palmer's Assassination

They thought they'd start off Season 5 and just completely rip our hearts out by killing off former President David Palmer.

12. Edgar? NOOOO!

They gave Edgar Stiles the coveted silent clock, and he was one of the most deserving. He and Chloe were constantly at each others' throats, but having to watch him die was one of the most heart-wrenching scenes of the series.

13. Tony's Wife Michelle Is Killed

And Tony is also damn near taken out by the car bomb. This will be a huge part of Season 7.

Day 6

14. Jack Is Forced To Kill His Comrade Curtis Manning

Talk about getting shot right in the feels. Curtis was one of the untouchable badasses on the show, and just like that, he thinks Jack won't take him down to save millions of people. Damn you, Curtis!

15. Then A Nuclear Bomb Goes Off In L.A.

You thought seeing Curtis getting taken out by Jack was bad? You had no idea what you were in for until a nuclear bomb went off right in the middle of Los Angeles. Seeing Jack lose it after killing Curtis, and then pulling it together again after the bomb goes off, that was some damn fine acting.

16. “Say Hello To Your Brother”

Hung by a chain, and reminded that the same guy that's about to kill you also killed your brother? Ouch.

Day 7

17. Bill Buchanan's Death

Another hero bites the dust in a show full of heroes biting the dust.

18. Jack Almost Kills Tony Almeida

When Tony reappeared as a villain in Season 7 he revealed that when his wife was murdered, his unborn son also died with her. Tony's arc of falling prey to his need for revenge was a huge part of not only this season, but the entire series. His near-death, survival, near-death again, second surprise survival, and capture made him as big a part of the show as Jack Bauer himself. So you can imagine the glee of 24 fans everywhere when it was announced that Carlos Bernard is returning to 24: Legacy!

Day 8

19. Jack Kidnaps The Freaking President

Any other guy, this would be absolutely amazing. But this is Jack Bauer, so it's kind of just another day.

20. He Straight Up Jason Bournes President Logan

I really did hate that Logan S.O.B. But this clip also features Chloe O'Brian, who, according to TVLine, just might be coming back to 24: Legacy, along with Tony.

Day 9 (24: Live Another Day)

21. Opening scene

We all knew he wanted to get caught.

22. He Throws Margot Al Harazi Out A Window

Out. The Freaking. Window. She lands right next to her son, whom Jack had thrown out the window earlier. Holy crap.

23. Jack Vs. Cheng Zhi

After the murder of Audrey Barnes, Jack goes ballistic on Cheng Zhi's men, one of whom is responsible for her death. Cheng is a big part of the show, appearing, disappearing, and reappearing quite often until this final showdown with Jack. In typical Jack fashion, he beheads Cheng, making it kind of hard for him to reappear again.

In one piece, anyway.

24. Jack Goes To Prison

Please let Tony help him escape so he can star in 24: Legacy!

From the opening scene of the first season of 24 to the final scene of Live Another Day, 24: Legacy is currently living in a nine season-long shadow of Jack Bauer awesomeness. Will it bring in the 24 fans and keep them? Let's hope so!

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