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On October 2nd, 15 years ago, Bill Lawrence blessed the world with one of the greatest TV comedies ever made, Scrubs. The hospital-based drama/comedy spanned over 9 years and 9 seasons (we won't talk about the last one) — during that time, the show amassed a huge and loyal fanbase who stuck with the show 'til the very end. It seems like forever since the show ended, but that doesn't mean our love for the show has died. Amazingly, there are tons of fans still out there creating art that encapsulate everything the show stood for. Let's check out some of the fan art below!

1. Scrubs x Simpsons Mash-up!

Our first piece of fan art comes from a girl named Lucyle who has created a really cool rendition of the Sacred Heart doctors as if they were in the Simpsons world. I would totally watch this show.

2. More Than A Feeling!

Deviant Art is full of amazing and creative artists, and this one is no exception. The user that goes by the name Krasivon has created an exceptional piece of work that perfectly captures the iconic air guitar episode! Check out another great piece by Krasivon below!

3. Clone High Mash-Up!

You may recognize this type of art as being very similar to one of Bill Lawrence's other show Clone High. The Scrubs creator used many of his Scrubs cast members in the animation that ran from 2002 to 2003. This wonderful piece of fan art that perfectly captures JD and Dr. Cox's relationship was made by the artist StevRayBro.

4. JD

This next piece isn't a mash-up or anything, but it's on the list because how wonderfully it is painted. This one was done by Deviant Art's shainduezguen; check out his page here!

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5. South Park Mash-Up!

MooseCake is the user who created this excellent Scrubs mash-up with South Park. The characters are so well represented by their facial expressions, you can see Turk staring at Carla, Ted looking depressed and of course, Dr. Cox looking angry.

6. Simple Scrubs

The next piece of fan art on our list is one of the more simplistic ones and it was done by a Deviant Artist by the username ryuuenx. Check out some of her other artwork here!

7. Anime Style

Deviant Artist inicka is responsible for this awesome reimagining of the Scrubs gang as if they were part of an anime rather than a live-action TV show. You've got to feel bad for Ted as he's sad in nearly every piece of fan-art (except for the Air Band one, rock on Ted).

8. Digital Drawing of Elliot

Digital drawing is becoming increasingly popular and has become a fantastic outlet for drawing fan-art and showing it online. Deviant Art user, Linacat drew this wonderful rendition of Elliot where she walks in with her new haircut to the song of 'American Girl'. Check out the scene below!

There is more Scrubs fan-art out there, but these are 9 of my favorites that I saw. I'd love to know which of those was your favorite! Be sure to let me know in the comments below.


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