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May the 4th just came and went. For anyone who isn't familiar, that has become the unofficial holiday due to the date's punny similarity to "May the Force be with you."

With this being a day completely dedicated to the galaxy far, far away, there have been a lot of really cool stories that have surfaced. In light of that, we rounded up five of the most interesting and funny stories you might have missed yesterday.

1. Darth Vader Is Working In A Hospital

Have you ever loved a character so much that you wish you had been named after them? Well, this surgical technician at a Memphis hospital is living that fantasy. The man's name is Darth Vader Williamson, and he gained a lot of attention after a hospital spokesman, Derek Venckus, heard various coworkers referring to Williamson as "Darth" and wasn't able to believe that was his actual name:

"I had heard people at the hospital refer to Darth Vader in surgery. And I was like, 'That's not his real name."

So he tracked him down, and once he found him, recorded his story and uploaded it to the internet for :

As to how he came to have that name, Darth Vader Williamson revealed it was thanks to his father, who was a hardcore Star Wars geek after watching :

"When I was born my mother wanted me to be named Junior, after my father. But my dad was a 'Star Wars' buff," Williamson said. "He was so enamored with the character Darth Vader that he was like, 'This would be one bad name for our son."

's mother - under the effects of anesthesia - agreed to it. He revealed accepting his name was not easy at first, but over time, learned to use it to his advantage:

"At first I was like, 'Man, what have you all done to me?' But once I got through high school and the girls were digging it, I thought, 'I can use this to my advantage.'"

According to him, a police officer once pulled him over for speeding, but let him go with just a warning after being delighted by his name. So there you have it, there is a man named Darth Vader who works in a hospital.

2. Governments Of The World Have Fun On Star Wars Day

Proving just how international Star Wars is, the governments of the world celebrated May the 4th in several different ways.

  • Canada's Transportation Problems

Transport Canada used May 4th to make a surprising revelation: They had operating AT-ATs—but had to recall 10,000 models. Transport Canada released a statement, revealing the behemoths had high chances of malfunctions in cold weather:

“The central hydraulic system could fail in extreme cold temperatures, such as on planet Hoth or in Northern Canada."

According to them, this could lead to pretty serious defects:

“Laser cannon tracking, and affect the walker’s ability to maintain balance and could ultimately result in a crash causing injury to imperial troops.”

(I trust Star Wars nerds will catch the reference to the Empire's Hoth defeat).

Sadly, if you want to check out the full statement for yourself, you won't be able to. With Star Wars Day over, Transport Canada erased the recall order in order to avoid any fictional confusions.

  • Australian Senate And House Of Representatives

The Australian Senate Twitter page sent a thoughtful message to the now defunct Galactic Senate:

The page then tweeted at the Australian House of Representatives, stating it was a shame there was no galactic counterpart to them:

After that, the House of Representatives poked fun at the Senate, reminding them that Jar Jar Binks had been a Senator. And that's when the conversation turned into the most hardcore fan debate you'd never expect to see between two governing bodies as they argued the validity of Jar Jar Binks as a representative, and government politics in the Star Wars universe:

  • Russian Embassy

The UK Russian Embassy tweeted out a picture of Darth Vader proudly taking a selfie after wrecking a rebel base:

The tweet was accompanied with a message, urging people to come join their side by following them on Twitter.

"Come to our side - follow us on twitter on "

The message's meaning is unclear, but it has already garnered quite a lot of criticism from the Twitterverse, as people bring up the dark nature of the Empire and Darth Vader to compare to the Russian government.

3. Danny Trejo Lets Us In On His Star Wars Audition

couldn't help himself with joining the Star Wars festivities. He did so by releasing a lost Star Wars audition tape for his character, Machete. The actor shot a video of himself as (hair buns included) and recited the dialogue, with which the legendary princess introduced herself to :

"Help me Obi Wan Kenobi. You're my only hope."

Take a look for yourself:

I'm...not too sure about his performance. But that shouldn't rule him out for another possible Star Wars character in the future.

4. Athletes Celebrate Star Wars Day

Shutting down the notion that athletes can't also be hardcore geeks, various sports personalities took to Twitter to celebrate Star Wars.

  • U.S. Women's National Soccer Team:

The Twitter page posted a fun gif of one of the team members being shy about impersonating Darth Vader.

  • Anna Nordqvist:

The Swedish golfer posted a picture of herself with a matching purple lightsaber replacing her golf club. Now, that looks great, but if we think about it, that wouldn't be too practical to use when golfing. The lightsaber would slash the golf ball in one swipe.

  • Meryl Davis:

The talented ice dancer posted a photoshopped picture of herself and her partner, Charlie White, dressed as Obi-Wan Kenobi and , wishing her fans a happy Star Wars day:

5. Mark Hamill Surprises Adam Scott

went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote Big Little Lies. There, he reunited with his longtime friend, Kristen Bell. The conversation quickly veered to Scott's love of Star Wars. Scott revealed that, for his second birthday party, he had sent Mark Hamill a letter inviting "Luke Skywalker" to his birthday party.

Sadly, the actor did not show up, but as he was telling his story, the Star Wars theme suddenly blasted through the speakers, and a surprise guest came out, green lightsaber in hand: . The actor hugged Scott, and being the honorable Jedi Knight we all love him for, apologized for missing his birthday , citing various commitments at the time. For his part, Scott was floored:

"This really is one of the best moments of my life... It was really sweet."

There you have it, that's what we got on Star Wars Day. Hopefully next year will be just as exciting.

What did you think of these May 4th Star Wars stories? Which one was your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Transport Canada]


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