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Whether you're ready or not, the time of year in which you part with all your hard earned cash and splurge on those near and dear to you is almost here. And while missioning around the shops on Christmas Eve, dashing into every brightly-lit store in desperate hope that the perfect something for uncle whoever will jump out at you like a brilliantly-timed, helpful elf, always seems like a smart idea at the time, spoilers, it never is.

So, save yourself some time and just buy your friends, family, neighbors and pets a memento from the one thing that united the world this year: 's . Below we've compiled a collection of 20 awesome and strange things that'll fit into a number of budgets and please a variety of folk. And, if a folk isn't pleased, then they're probably not worth knowing, and you get to keep it yourself = win, win situation!

Under $15

From an awesome comic-style poster featuring Eleven doing her thing, to coloring books and sew-your-own-doll kits for the family crafters, this section proves you don't need to bust the bank in order to get some seriously cool loot.

[Images via Etsy]
[Images via Etsy]

Clockwise from top left: Hawkins Power and Light Van Enamel Pin $6.50 from Heartificial, Stranger Things Comic Style Poster $11 via Reuse To Reduce, Sew Your Own Stranger Things Doll via FHAF, Christmas Lights Pendant $10.99 via Yoga Bliss Jewelry, Should I Stay Or Should I Eggo Sweater $14.99 via Tees And Tank You, Stranger Things Socks $15.95 via Homme Sur La Lune, Stranger Things Poetry Magnets $15 via Logophiles Anonymous and Stranger Things Coloring Book via Estelle Morris Shop.

Under $30

Personally, I find it hard to imagine a world in which someone wouldn't adore to receive a Virgin Mary Barb candle complete with quote, or a poster feat. a bunch of animated cats in Stranger Things fancy dress — but maybe that's just me.

[Images via Etsy]
[Images via Etsy]

Clockwise from top left: Mangier Things Cat Poster $20 via Kitty Cassandra, Spooky Face Pillow $26 via I Want It All Design, Stranger Things Prayer Candle Set $20 via The Eternal Flame, 1980's Demogorgon Miniature $27.18 via Demogorgon Things, Eleven Days of Christmas Sweater $24.99 via Skip N' Whistle and Stranger Things Tattoos $16 via Davis Rider Prints.

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All The $$$

For the strangest of things one must up their game, which this D&D kit will help you do quite literally. Alternatively, a lights and vinyl sticker kit will cause your mom make like Winona and start talking to her lamps, and that will surely make your day of festive fun far more amusing.

[Images via Etsy and Amazon]
[Images via Etsy and Amazon]

Clockwise from top left: Dungeons & Dragons Essential Starter Kit $79.95 via Wizards of the Coast, Hand Embroidered Barb Doll $150 via The Threadsmith Shop, Stranger Things Wall Lights And Vinyl Decorations $75 via My Vinyl Variations, Stranger Things Blanket $59 via The Designer Minky Co, Dustin Figurine $80 via Pun Fun Creation and Vintage Walkie Talkies $50.32 via Emphermere Intemporel.

Which Stranger Things gift would you love to receive this Christmas?

If you're a fan of the show, why not check out the awesome VFX breakdown vid below?

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