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Super Bowl LI is airing this Sunday and we will get to see the Falcons go against the villains of the NFL: The New England Patriots. While this is definitely an interesting match-up, it is not the only thing we are looking forward to this Sunday. The Super Bowl has basically become a national holiday where family and friends gather to have a great time, the halftime show has become as entertaining (or painful) as the game itself, the movie trailers are exhilarating, and the best part of all: The commercials.

Big name companies drop millions to air a 30-second advertisement to the world, so you'd expect them to be pretty fantastic. Some commercials don't always hit with the audience, but we have watched some amazing Super Bowl commercials over the years. In honor of this year's event, I have gathered 17 of the best commercials ever aired during the Super Bowl and ranked them based on entertainment and how memorable they are — which was obviously the goal. NOTE: This list excludes movie trailers/TV spots aired during the Super Bowl.

17. Naked Chocolate

  • Brand: M&M's
  • Super Bowl: XLVI (Giants vs. Patriots)
  • Air Date: 2012

To start off this list is the "Naked Chocolate" M&M's commercial that aired during one of the best Super Bowls in recent memory. While there has been an abundance of great commercials featuring the iconic M&M's, this one has to be the most memorable and hilarious. It begins with a guy laughing at the Brown M&M as it looks like she is "naked" with her brown shell. After she corrects him and embarrasses him, we see the Red M&M rip off his shell and start dancing to LMFAO's "I'm Sexy and I Know It." Perfect!

16. Perfect Match

  • Brand: Go Daddy
  • Super Bowl: XLVII (Ravens vs. 49ers)
  • Air Date: 2013

Go Daddy has gained the reputation of airing sexual and disturbing commercials during the Super Bowl that makes everyone in the room super uncomfortable. "Perfect Match" is so uncomfortable that it is outright hilarious. Also, once you see this commercial, chances are you won't forget this sexy woman and tech nerd making out... with tongue!

15. Ultrasound

  • Brand: Doritos
  • Super Bowl: 50 (Broncos vs. Panthers)
  • Air Date: 2016

Many people complain that Super Bowl commercials just aren't what they used to be, but there are still some gems that pop up once in a while. The Doritos "Ultrasound" commercial may not be the best Doritos commercial to date as you will see later on this list but it still gives the classics a run for their money, or in this case, the baby makes a run for the Doritos.

14. Where's The Beef?

  • Brand: Wendy's
  • Super Bowl: XVIII (Redskins vs. Raiders)
  • Air Date: 1984

Even though this commercial aired 15 years before I was even born, it is still a classic to many generations. This commercial really started the burger trend of increasing the size of your patties after Wendy's called out McDonald's and Burger King for not having big enough burgers. Also, who better to narrate this than three old ladies?

13. Wassup!

  • Brand: Budweiser
  • Super Bowl: XXXIV (Rams vs. Titans)
  • Air Date: 2000

"Wassup!" The catchphrase may be a thing of the past now as its prime was in the early 2000s. This advertisement is still iconic and funny today and I'll never not laugh at the pizza guy's face at the end!

12. Giant Mouse Trap

  • Brand: Doritos
  • Super Bowl: XLII (Giants vs. Patriots)
  • Air Date: 2008

Like stated earlier, Doritos have become the king of Super Bowl commercials. In 2008, "Mouse Trap" was remembered for its unexpected ending that left us all dying. The fact that people still find this hilarious nine years later proves that this is one of the funniest Super Bowl advertisements ever.

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11. Pepsi Vs. Coke

  • Brand: Pepsi
  • Super Bowl: XXIX (49ers vs. Chargers)
  • Air Date: 1995

Pepsi vs. Coca-Cola is one of the biggest brand rivalries ever and Pepsi shed light on the issue during the 1995 commercial when they showed a Coke and Pepsi employee sitting at a bar together. When they switched drinks, the Coke worker refused to give back the Pepsi and as a result, he was quickly thrown out of a window.

10. Wasted $2 Million

  • Brand: E*Trade
  • Super Bowl: XXXIV (Rams vs. Titans)
  • Air Date: 2000

This is one of the more unique advertisements that we've ever seen during the Super Bowl. It features a chimpanzee dancing and two men sitting in a garage clapping along and dancing to Spanish music. It's random, but that's the point. The end of the commercial says "Well, we just wasted $2 million bucks. What are you doing with your money?" You may question a financial corporation who would blow money on an advertisement such as this one, but it sticks in your head, doesn't it?

9. "Bud — Weis — er"

  • Brand: Budweiser
  • Super Bowl: XXIX (49ers vs. Chargers)
  • Air Date: 1995

The Budweiser Frogs were the face of Budweiser commercials in the second half of the '90s. They are three life-like puppet frogs named Bud, Weis, and Er who became so successful that these frogs were featured in Budweiser commercials for another five years.

8. The Showdown

  • Brand: McDonald's
  • Super Bowl: XXVII (Cowboys vs. Bills)
  • Air Date: 1993

1993 was a prime time for the NBA with famous players like Michael Jordan and Larry Bird owning the game. The two basketball legends faced off in a game of H.O.R.S.E. for the ultimate prize: A Big Mac cheeseburger. The commercial was extremely entertaining as we saw the two athletes performing insanely difficult trick shots and the commercial ends with the flashy McDonalds logo. This advertisement is nothing short of a classic.

7. Coke Mini (Hulk Vs. Ant-Man)

  • Brand: Coca-Cola
  • Super Bowl: 50 (Broncos vs. Panthers)
  • Air Date: 2016

This commercial just came out last year and while it hasn't become iconic yet, that doesn't take away from the pure awesomeness of it. This Marvel/Coke advertisement featured Ant-Man attempting to escape the Hulk with his Coke Mini. The one-minute TV spot had great special effects, a hilarious appearance by Paul Rudd, and proved that comic book characters have become widely accepted.

6. Betty White

  • Brand: Snickers
  • Super Bowl: XLIV (Saints vs. Colts)
  • Air Date: 2010

There has been a profusion of funny Snickers commercials with the theme of "You're not yourself when you're hungry. Eat a Snickers." While there has been so many great ones released during the Super Bowl, Betty White's cameo has to be the funniest one. Old people being tackled is funny, but it's especially hilarious with Hollywood legend Betty White complaining to a guy in his early 20s: “Come on man, you’ve been riding me all day."

5. Time Machine

  • Brand: Doritos
  • Super Bowl: XLVIII (Seahawks vs. Broncos)
  • Air Date: 2014

The best Doritos Super Bowl commercial has to be 2014's "Time Machine." In this advertisement, we see a little boy named Jimmy trick one of his neighbors into entering his "Time Machine" in exchange for his Doritos. When the man comes out, he mistook a cranky old man for Jimmy in the future. It's cute, it's funny, and it definitely works.

4. Terry Tate: Office Linebacker

  • Brand: Reebok
  • Super Bowl: XXXVII (Buccaneers vs. Raiders)
  • Air Date: 2003

Out of all the Super Bowl commercials, "Terry Tate: Office Linebacker" is probably the funniest and one of the most creative ones ever to air. Drawing inspiration from Office Space, watching a football player decking someone in the office every time they did something they weren't supposed to do like take 15 extra minutes on break is pure gold!

3. The Force

  • Brand: Volkswagen
  • Super Bowl: XLV (Steelers vs. Packers)
  • Air Date: 2011

Usually when I place something about Star Wars high on the list, it's because I am die hard Star Wars fan. However, "The Force" is a funny and adorable commercial on its own and it's probably the best "modern" Super Bowl ad. You don't even have to see the kid's face under the mask when the car turns on by "the Force" — his body language says it all. The Force is strong with this commercial.

2. 1984

  • Brand: Apple
  • Super Bowl: XVIII( Raiders vs. Redskins)
  • Air Date: 1984

I'm no Apple fanboy, but this is easily one of the most memorable commercials ever seen during the Super Bowl. Apple introduced their new Macintosh computer in an age where people were cautious towards the home computer and how they could be used. However, Apple used the perfect example to show how their computers will light a bright future and will deviate from George Orwell's 1984.

1. Mean Joe Green ("Hey Kid, Catch!")

  • Brand: Coca-Cola
  • Super Bowl: XIII (Steelers vs. Rams)
  • Air Date: 1979

Was there ever any doubt? This commercial may not be familiar to millennials, but this is the most classic Super Bowl commercial there could ever be. It featured Mean Joe Green, who was one of best defensive tackles of all time. He is widely remembered for that and this 1979 Coca-Cola advertisement that warms the hearts of every viewer watching. At first, I had a difficult time placing my finger on the best commercial of them all, but I couldn't find an advertisement more recognized than Mean Joe Green!

Which Super Bowl commercial is the best of them all? Discuss your favorites below!


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