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The years have provided us with many classic cop shows such as NYPD Blue, Hill Street Blues and The Closer to name a few. Those series invited kickass cops into our homes, and they were so good at their jobs, we wished they were real.

Nowadays, the gritty cop shows have dwindled, but there are a few remaining actors who make us believe they could solve actual crimes. These fictional cops chase the bad guys, tackle the perps and find the evidence. Here are five we would want to be on our side.

1. Commander Steve McGarrett (Hawaii Five-0)

A commander in the U.S. Navy, McGarrett has returned to his native Hawaii and now leads the task force, . Played by Alex O'Loughlin, McGarrett is as tough as they come, battling in the fiercest of conditions and taking down the worst kinds of criminals, whether it's in hand-to-hand combat or a lethal shot.

He doesn't give up, especially when his family is in danger, and he's gone to fairly extreme measures to keep them safe. Sometimes he steps over the line; I'm not sure he even knows where the line is. But he's the type of cop who would have your back in a fight.

2. Danny Reagan (Blue Bloods)

Detective Danny Reagan (Donnie Wahlberg) is another one of those badass cops who will cross any line necessary to get the bad guy. He's been in some of the most brutal fights on , has gone up against his family for what he feels is right, has broken the rules to save his family, and stops at nothing to find justice.

Even though his father is the police commissioner of New York City, Danny doesn't let that stand in his way when doing what needs to be done. He'd rather risk his father's wrath than let a criminal walk free. Solving the crime and putting killers and other miscreants behind bars is his job, and he takes it very seriously.

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3. Captain Sharon Raydor (Major Crimes)

Formerly with Internal Investigations, Captain Sharon Raydor (Mary McDonnell) had to earn the respect of the squad after Brenda Johnson departed. She's done that and more, taking on some of the toughest crimes and practically eviscerating the criminals.

She's shrewd, determined and on point when it comes to her interrogations; she wants to make sure that criminals don't leave prison for a long time. She's climbed the blue ladder of success, and no one stands in her way because she has no problem leaving heel marks on their spine.

4. Jamie Reagan (Blue Bloods)

A beat cop, Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) was given the opportunity to rise in the ranks, but he prefers to remain on the streets, protecting the citizens of New York — and, of course, his partner, Eddie Jenko.

At first look, Jamie doesn't seem all that tough, but when he's backed into a corner, he comes out fighting. He's vastly different from his brother, Danny, in that Jamie plays by the rules. He still gets the job done, but he stays on the straight and narrow. He has honor and integrity. And he can be trusted to keep his word.

5. Captain Lou Grover (Hawaii Five-0)

Formerly the captain of Hawaii's S.W.A.T., Lou Grover (Chi McBride) is originally at odds with the Five-0 task force, but all of that changes when he puts his badge aside to save his daughter. Now he's become a welcome breath of fresh air to the team, and most of his scenes with Danny are epic.

Though Grover has no trouble bringing violence to the table when he needs to, often his takedowns are laced with humor and sarcasm. He isn't easily fooled, which makes him a good cop and a great father. Most of all, he's dedicated to the team, who have become members of his family.

While these cops don't actually exist, it doesn't hurt to believe that there are police officers out there with the same level of intelligence, dedication and determination to get the job done. All I know is that if I'm in trouble, I'd want one of these guys (or their real-life doppelgangers) to have my back.

Who is your favorite on-screen cop? Let me know in the comments below!


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