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Since the series amazed, confused and blew away audiences in the '90s, Twin Peaks has been spoofed or referenced in various TV shows for the past 25 years. Some of the more notable references are from two episodes of The Simpsons. In one, Homer is watching TV while a scene plays out of a white horse dancing with the Giant. Meanwhile, a jazzy tune is heard in the background along with Special Agent Dale Cooper talking about his damn fine coffee. Homer claims this is amazing, but he has no idea what's going on.

Another time, during the "Who Shot Mr. Burns" two-part saga, Wiggins has a dream where he's in the famed Black Lodge. Lisa dances in and speaks backwards to let him know who shot Burns, paralleling Cooper's trip to the Black Lodge to uncover Laura Palmer's killer.

While most memorable spoofs come from shows geared toward satire, a recent parody comes from an unlikely place. Despite its origin, the parody does a fantastic job of poking fun at the quirky and downright strange world of Twin Peaks while also writing a love letter to the show through delicate details and Easter Eggs.

The source of this spoof? The WWE.

Here's why it works:

The Little Details

Last week the WWE released Part 1 of what they call "Fashion Peaks." It's a backstage segment during SmackDown Live where Tyler Breeze plays an Agent Cooper doppelgänger, complete with a black suit, tape recorder and love of coffee. In Part 1 you can see a board behind him filled with possible suspects for who kidnapped Fandango, the other half to his tag team. Each suspect has a name related to other Lynch projects, such as Eraserhead and someone named "Fire Walk With Me" (the title of the Twin Peaks prequel film). His desk is also covered in a ridiculous amount of doughnuts and he wonders why he's wasting time making a recording of his findings when he could just call Diane.

Jazz music then swells in the room as it morphs into a red tint to replicate the Black Lodge. Two other wrestlers come in speaking backwards metaphors while one pours maple syrup on a log to exaggerate the odd tokens and scenes Lynch includes in his work. Possibly the best moment is Breeze demanding that the two stop with the metaphors and be straight with him. He even tosses in a comment about these confusing moments being the reason the show got canceled the first time.

The parody didn't stop here. The following week the WWE released Part 2, which was clever because the segments now follow the week-by-week mystery format Twin Peaks is best known for. In this part Breeze now has blue roses pinned to his wall and a wanted sign with a crude drawing of a man that resembles Twin Peaks villain Killer BOB.

He also pokes fun at the current season here. When Fandango appears he seems a bit off (and his clothing resembles Dougie's). Breeze asks if it will take 18 episodes to return him to normal, as this is the the number of episodes in the new season of Twin Peaks and Cooper has yet to come out of his Dougie funk.

Breeze Is A Damn Fine Cooper

It needs to be noted that Breeze is a wonderful counterpart to Cooper. He's Cooper if Cooper got tired of the constant string of questions without answers and was more blunt. Yet, he still goes along with all the oddities thrown at him in under four minutes per segment.

While he's over metaphors, he still harbors that need to understand and solve the mystery before him, much like Cooper. Even when those around him could care less, as seen when he describes his dream to two other wrestlers. They end up walking away as he speaks, to which he asks if they want to know who took Fandango. They simply reply "no," take his pie and leave.

The Mystery Keeps Going

"Fashion Peaks" isn't over just yet. While Fandango has returned, there was still a "to be continued" marker at the end. Here's hoping the mystery of his disappearance becomes more absurd and Lynchian as it progresses.

What is your favorite Twin Peaks parody/homage that you've seen so far?


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