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Warning: This article contains spoilers for The Flash Season 3 Episode 22, 'Infantino Street.'

Team Flash has spent almost the entirety of trying to do two things: Figure out who is and find a way to stop the vicious, armor-clad baddie from killing Iris West. They succeeded in the former, but no so much in the latter. It's been five months since we saw Savitar stab Barry's one true love in a vision of the future. In tonight's episode, that moment finally came.

In 'Infantino Street,' Team Flash did their best to hide Iris from Savitar, even taking her to Earth–2 to be safe. But due to a mistake made by H.R., Savitar was able to find, kidnap, and murder her in front of . It was a devastating moment not only for the speedy crime-fighter, but also for his fans, who took to Twitter to speak their minds about what had happened. Here's what they had to say:

Bring On The Feels

The scene is quite intense by itself, but the heartbreak is made even worse by the flashback of recording her wedding vows. Understandably, that was too much for some people to handle:

Next Comes The Anger

It's tough to come to terms with the death of a fan-favorite character in a show, and some people were very vocal about expressing their anger about Iris meeting her end.

Then The Bargaining And Denial

Understandably, fans were in such a shock they weren't willing to accept her death.

Some even came up with some theories as to how the event could be undone. Now, that's not to say they were irrational, there was actually a pretty cool theory going around.

In the original future we witnessed, H.R. was on the roof, but he wasn't there this episode. The theory proposes that H.R. actually gave Iris's location to Savitar on purpose, used the S.T.A.R. Labs' face-changing device and took her place, meaning Savitar killed H.R. instead.

There you have it, that's what people had to say about the death of Iris West. Now, all that remains is wait to see what happens. Will create speed duplicates to take on his most terrifying villain yet and therefore succumb to the endless loop that is Savitar? Or will he travel back in time to change the present? Barry has felt the effects of screwing up the timeline over and over this past season, so there's a chance he's not willing to go back in time, even to save Iris.

Right now, all of that is a mystery, so to know for sure what's next for the Scarlet Speedster, we'll have to wait for the next week's episode, which airs on May 23, 8/7 Central on The CW.

What did you think of Iris's death? Will she be brought back or are the writers going to make her death an impact for The Flash forever? Let me know in the comments!


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