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Whether you're a fan of The Fast and the Furious franchise or not, there is no denying that Vin Diesel is a lovable legend. In the many films he's starred in throughout the course of his career, is known for his eloquence and his wit. Here, then, are some pearls of Vin wisdom, suitable for any situation.

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1. When It's A Close Race

Snagged that promotion at work, knowing you edged out Maurice in accounting? Dom is right — winning is indeed winning!

2. Graduation Or High School/College Reunion

There's nothing quite like hanging out with your old school buddies. In those moments you might look proudly at everyone around and think, "It doesn't get much better than this."

And how can it? These are the folks you expect will always have your back, and they should feel the same way about you. Nothing matters more than those people right there in that room. And sometimes you go on in life to build your families and will go a long time without seeing those old friends, but you will always think back to them with nothing but love, respect and the fondest of memories.

3. When A Lost Soul Returns

Families sometimes experience falling outs. Unfortunately, that's a part of life that's ultimately beyond our control. You live in hope that those are the people who will find their way back to you at some point, and we're always grateful if they do.

4. Becoming The Boss

Whether you're in a new job in your current workplace or you've started out fresh somewhere new, when someone asks you to take charge of a project, you want to make sure your work and your word carries weight. You want to see that your subordinates realize you're the one in charge, so what better way to do that than with the people you trust by your side?

5. Watching A Scary Movie With Friends

Sometimes, when watching a horror movie, there's nothing creepier than someone asking the above question, or a variation on it. When it's Diesel as asking that question, it seems somehow more sinister, and therefore far more fun to tease your friends with.

6. Supreme Confidence

There's nothing quite like that moment when you think, "I got this," when you know you've nailed it, whatever "it" is, and no one knows that better than Vin Diesel.

7. Living In The Moment

It's very easy to become so consumed by future success that you forget about living in the moment. If you're constantly anxious, how can you enjoy life and the gifts you've been given? Dom had it right when he said he lived his life a quarter mile at a time.

8. Goodbyes

There's nothing more painful than bidding a final goodbye to a loved one. But sometimes, all it takes to help remove some of the sting of a goodbye is the knowledge that the person will always have you in their heart. Diesel knows this perhaps better than anyone, having made no secret of the fact that he remains brokenhearted by the sudden death of his friend and colleague .

9. Advice To A Child

It doesn't matter what gender you define yourself as, but knowing what a gentleman is can change your life. Diesel is so right here — being a gentleman is a matter of choice, and not just a matter of gender. Boys and girls need to know what a gentleman is in order to help young people grow in to them.

10. Advice From A Dad

Lead with love — what better advice could a child be given about going forward in a relationship? If more couples followed the advice to find their confidence and go with their hearts, it could be that more couples would work harder at their relationships. Sage advice to give prior to a legal union or cohabitation.

11. Encouraging Positivity

Sometimes the negativity in the world can feel like a weight on your shoulders. Bringing positive energy to any environment can make even the most challenging scenarios feel like less of a problem. And ultimately, it can even make the world a better place.

12. The Moment Of Truth

There are those moments in life where we either stand and make our point heard or sit back and do nothing. Those are not the times for playing games; those are the times that truth bombs must be dropped, or face the consequence of your inaction.

13. Chasing A Dream

If there's ever a time where you might question your aspirations and goals, then this quote should buoy you. As children we were often advised by adults or those we admired to find something we're passionate about and pursue it as our lifelong goal. This quote reminds us to make sure we stay loyal to our vision — or how are we living our truth?

14. First Meeting Of A Loved One's Life Partner

We want to protect those we care about, and sometimes our desire to protect translates as intimidation to newcomers. knew this well, and when he uttered the words that so many before him may have otherwise only thought, it expressed exactly what we collectively feel whenever there's someone new on the scene.

15. Whenever You're Feeling Self-Doubtful

Insecurity. It's the worst. Crippling self-doubt is a virus that can lead us all to question our motivations and worth, and sometimes that can lead us to giving up on our dreams, even though we don't want to. But without insecurity, what is it that propels us forward and to a place of personal growth?

16. Those Times When You Need Reminding That Family Is Everything

Whether it's the family you were born into or the family you chose, your gang is everything. They're the people who had your back when you thought you couldn't count on anyone, they're the people who picked you up when your world was falling to pieces. Family is always there, even when we don't think they will be.

17. When You're Questioning Loyalty

Conversely, there are moments in life when we question our choice in friends, when we wonder whether our friends are truly loyal. In those times, which may happen during a perceived betrayal, it's only natural to wonder about who you're riding with.

18. When You Need To Stand And Fight

It's a lot easier to run from a problem than to stay and fight your way through it. The thing is, even when you run from that problem, the problem still exists. Wherever you go, there you are. And where's the freedom in that?

19. When You're Playing The Waiting Game

Sometimes, you just want to send the message that no matter how long you're put off by someone, you're going to remain patient and persevere. There's nothing that freaks someone out faster than the realization that you'll still be waiting to see them about your business with them.

20. When You Arrive Home For The First Time In A Long Time

Sometimes, the need to go home and decompress is far greater than the need to keep a forward trajectory. It doesn't matter if you see home as your friend's couch, your mom and dad's spare room, or even your place of work; sometimes, it just feels good to be back.

21. When You Need To Set Someone Straight

There are always people who feel they somehow have the drop on you; the people who think that no matter what you do, they're the ones in charge. Little do they know, you've got it going on, and nothing they think or say will change that.

22. When You Want To Inspire Hope

Diesel frequently referred to Paul Walker as his brother. Hearts melted when he took to the stage at the 2015 to talk about Walker and belt out the lyrics to the track "See You Again." If you want to instill the hope that somehow, someday, you'll see that special person again and reconnect, this is the way to do it.

23. Someone's Taking Their Sweet Time

There's nothing more annoying than when you want to go somewhere and the person who is supposed to go with you is dragging their feet. While "you're burning daylight" tends to be more often used in military circles, the point is very effectively made.

24. Checking That Someone's In It To Win It

Someone about to take the matrimonial leap? Or reveal something they probably should have revealed a long time ago? Posing this question gives people one last out if they change their mind about doing whatever "this" is.

24. You Want To Show You're Dependable

When in the throws of a serious negotiation, you need to show your opponent that you can handle just about anything, particularly if you're trying to show you can at least meet them halfway there.

25. When You're Just Feeling Goofy

Sometimes it's just fun to play. Take a look at your partner or your kids and regardless of what they say to you, respond in a very serious voice, "I am Groot." Change up the tone from time to time. Your loved ones might look at you a bit strangely, but you'll have a good laugh!

See Vin Diesel's latest film xXx: Return of Xander Cage in cinemas now. His next film Fast & Furious 8 will hit screens April 14. Check out the trailer below.

Vin Diesel: An actor with a lot to say. What's your favorite Vin Diesel quote?


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