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Let me just preface this article by saying: Gal Gadot is the Wonder Woman. Her performance in the new Wonder Woman film surpassed our expectations and created inspiration for men and women around the world. And it shows. After grossing $435 million worldwide on its opening weekend, movie-goers continuously went back for a second look at Gadot's nearly perfect portrayal of Diana Prince (I know I did).

The spirit of this movie has seeped into the cosplay community, where cosplayers of the world have been actively creating their own cosplays so that they, too, can spend a day in 's armor. You would not believe the amount of effort these cosplayers put into their costumes in order to portray Wonder Woman. This past month has given us access to hundreds of cosplayers who have shown their unique perceptions of Wonder Woman's new look in ' film. The attention to detail in some of these is astounding, and most of them are hand-made!

While we all love Wonder Woman's look in the film, here we've decided to showcase the the Top 10 Wonder Woman cosplayers that highlight Gal Gadot's badass Wonder Woman facade.

10. PaisleyandGlue

Maggie just seems to have an effortless knack for portraying Diana Prince, however, the work she put into making her cosplay was anything but that. This girl made everything you see, from head to toe, entirely from scratch. Her Instagram page shows the progress she made as she worked to construct this nearly perfect Wonder Woman costume. That makes her a woman wonder in her own way.

9. LadyScarlettRose

Although this cosplay is a bit different from Gadot's movie version, it still represents the essence of our favorite Amazon. Lady Scarlett Rose's costume brings out the leather components of the Amazonian attire, but the corseted top shows how Wonder Woman can still be badass in more restricting attire. When we asked how Scarlett Rose manages in this cosplay she said:

"Cosplaying Wonder Woman is very comfortable, both physically and emotionally. She is a strong female that I can relate to and the corset is my favorite piece!"

8. JawJaRose

This 20 year-old Australian cosplayer went to the extreme to show off her stunning Amazonian cosplay by posing for an outdoors-y photoshoot. Her photos represent Diana Prince in action trailing the grounds of Themyscira. And JaJawRose made this entire cosplay in under a week!

7. Spit Fire Cosplay

Spit Fire's cosplay reminds me of the first battle scene on the shores of Themyscira. She also made this on her own using worbla and other creative craft elements. And can you believe she made it last minute? The Wonder Woman hype really got to these cosplayers.

6. Wonder Bira

This is by far one of the more impressive Wonder Woman cosplays that I've seen. He certainly pulls off the Amazonian warrior better than I could! Wonder Bira is a huge Wonder Woman fan, and in return, the film's director, Patty Jenkins, seems to be a fan of his! She's complimented him numerous times for his accurate representation of Wonder Woman. Even Gal Gadot herself felt a little intimidated, over on Twitter she said:

"Ha loving it! I feel threatened a little bit. You can definitely hold that shield and work that tiara."

5. Mini Wonder Woman

Honestly, just look at this girl's page. Never have I seen a toddler look equal parts adorable and fierce. Advertised as Wonder Woman's biggest little fan, Nellee loves to cosplay characters that inspire her. Her parents rave about the record-breaking film and made incredible recreations of the Wonder Woman movie posters. Nellee even got Gal Gadot's approval!

4. HarBeastie

This girl truly is a BEAST when it comes to cosplay crafts. She drafted, designed, and built each piece of her cosplay, incorporating the many overlooked details into the costume. HarBeastie works tirelessly to create the perfect Wonder Woman cosplay, and she even sells patterns to help cosplayers make their own!

3. Anna Faith

Of course, it wouldn't be a Wonder Woman cosplay feature without Anna Faith's version. Since this girl nails just about every cosplay character she does, we couldn't leave out her Diana Prince. Anna Faith even did a Wonder Woman parody so you can witness her in action as the Princess of Themyscira.

2. Tahnee Harrison

One thing that must be noted here: Tahnee. Made. This. Cosplay. Herself (insert hand-clapping emoji here). Not only did she build this work of art, but she looks gorgeous in it. Not bad for craft foam and some paint, right? What's even more incredible is that she put her own twist to this look by making the colors of the cosplay brighter in order to pay homage to the comic versions.

Honestly, it was hard to choose just one of her Wonder Woman cosplay photos to show. Some of her other notable cosplays are Lara Croft, Harley Quinn, and Blackcat.

1. WonderWomanIsReal

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Ms. Victoria, a.k.a WonderWomanIsReal. And it sure looks like she is the real Wonder Woman. She is a six-foot tall attorney that represents kids with disabilities. How perfect is that? This Californian is recognized by her realistic Wonder Woman cosplay at conventions around the nation. She's done just about every interpretation of Wonder Woman you can think of (including a Star Wars version). If you've ever looked for the real Wonder Woman, well, here she is.


Which Wonder Woman Cosplay Is Your Favorite?


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