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In our regular every day lives, inconsiderate people make all of our days a little bit longer and definitely tougher. These people don't care about anyone but themselves. They'll never say thank you, push you out of the way to grab a seat on the bus, knock over a pregnant woman, and hold you up in line because no matter what you are doing, it is way more important than what you are doing. The weird thing is that these people make for hilarious television characters

I honestly couldn't tell you what makes these characters so funny. Maybe it's their lack of caring, the things they do that get them in trouble, or maybe because the things they are doing doesn't effect anyone except other fictional characters. Either way, these are the characters we absolutely love.

The It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Gang

These guys win the award for worst people in the world. First off, Dee and Dennis are the twins ever. They are constantly trying to ruin each other's lives or leaving each other in weird and awkward situations. Charlie and his maybe/maybe not father Frank have a weird and very creepy relationship where they sleep in the same bed butt to butt, eat cat food to drown out the sounds of the cats in their neighborhood, and play strange games where they crawl around like worms. And Mac... he's just a narcissistic moron.

The absolute worst part about them is their schemes. They come up with these ridiculous plans that not only have no chance of succeeding, but someone always gets hurt in the process.

Worst (Best) Episode: "The Gang Gets Extreme: Home Makeover Edition"

The gang decides that they are going to perform a home make over on a house for good karma. The problem with this is they have no idea how home makeovers actually work. They decide to run into the home of a Spanish-speaking family blasting heavy metal music from a boom-box, wearing all black, and dragging them out of their house in the middle of the night.

Dee even uses her terrible Spanish to tell them everything is okay and it comes out sounding like threats. In the end, Charlie and Dennis burn down the family's house and Dee has to give the now-homeless family the mansion she inherited.

The League's League

These guys all clearly enjoy each other's company and the random insults they give each other on a regular basis. They smile and laugh and give each other the same abuse they endure. If you didn't know them you'd assume they were at war with one another. Even the married couple Kevin and Jenny verbally abuse each other out of their competitive nature.

Just like the Always Sunny crew, they also engage in weird schemes that never work. What makes this cast so terrible is that they are actually pretty smart people (well, besides Taco). They're usually just blinded by their selfish need of winning their fantasy football league and the league trophy, the Shiva — named after a girl from high school, Shivakamini Somakandarkram. Of all the people in their group, Andre gets most of the abuse.

Worst (Best) Episode: "The Great Night of Shiva"

No matter how successful a surgeon Andre becomes his friends will find a way to tease him. Whether it be about his style of clothes, his rather questionable innuendos, or the continuous changing of lifestyle, Andre remains an easy target for his friends. The worst was when let him to believe that he was the father of a kid that was really Pete's!

And how did they tell him? Well, on Andre's "son's" 18th birthday, they sent him a video singing a song telling him that Andre is not his father. It ends with Pete coming in, admitting he's his father and says they should get a beer. Seriously, they are terribly horrible people.

Married With Children's Bundy Family

The opening of the show starts with Frank Sinatra singing about the joys of love and marriage. Then we see a miserable father and husband — Al Bundy — having all of his money taken from him by his family and the dog. The Bundys are one of the worst families in TV history. Peg Bundy treats Al like an ATM and does nothing around the house while he works all day. She then follows it up by making fun of him all night. Al's kids Kelly and Bud aren't appreciative of anything their father does (what little there is as time goes on).

And then the two siblings treat each other like crap. Bud constantly calling Kelly dumb and Kelly making fun of Bud for having struck out with a ton of women. And Al isn't exempt either. He treats his entire family like crap and constantly makes fun of them as well. The funny thing about all of this is that when the chips are down, they actually love each other.

Worst (Best) Episode: "We'll Follow the Sun"

Al may never get dinner or respect, but he has never cheated on Peggy and he will always defend his kids. And the same thing goes for anyone else in their family. Sure Kelly is dumb, Bud is a smart loser, Al smells and has a crappy job, and Peggy is lazy, but only they are allowed to make fun of each other.

Once a family tried to yell at Al for attempting to keep his family entertained in a traffic jam by singing a loud and obnoxious song. The father in the neighboring car didn't care for Al's singing, so Al proceeded to get out of the car and beat the crap out of the other guy for mouthing off to him. When the rest of the family got out of line, the Bundys got out and defended their father's honor. As the phrase goes, the family that fights together, stays together.

The Entire City Of South Park

Where to start with the selfish people of the small mountain town of South Park? Do we start with all the racism, like when Cartman tried to become Hitler? Or when Butters' parents tried to kill him because of the dysfunction in their marriage? Or how about the multiple times that Randy Marsh has all but turned his family and the town upside down because he had a new idea that was going to make him famous or rich? These are just the tip of the iceberg and just a regular day in South Park, Colorado.

Worst (Best) Episode: "Pinewood Derby"

There are a plethora of examples I could use to show how bad the people of this town are. But the best way to illustrate the town's shenanigans is when they cause Earth to be isolated from the rest of the universe. Nobody has ever been so bad that universe said "Yeah...please stay away from the rest of the universe. We don't want you infecting everyone else with your nonsense." The city of South Park is so bad that the entire planet was locked off so no one from other planets could go there. Let that sink in.

Sure, they are horrible, but we do tune in to watch every week and we even watch the repeats. And the worst they get, the more we want to watch. I guess we just like someone else getting the short end of the stick for once.

Who are your favorite dysfunctional TV characters and families. Let me know in the comments below.


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