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Season 7 of The Walking Dead was one of the show's most controversial arcs in years. Whether you're a fan of how things went down with Negan or not though, it's impossible to avoid Robert Kirkman's ongoing zombie saga right now — and why would you want to?

The only problem is that fans of are forced to either endure 7 agonizing days of waiting between each episode, or hold off and binge watch the whole season at the end. In this spoilerific world of ours though, the second option isn't really viable, and the first is just sheer torture.

Luckily for you, we've compiled a list of best zombie shows that feature more of those adorable brain-munchers that we've all grown to know and love. While none of the following programs include a crossbow-wielding hottie or a sheriff's hat large enough to engulf an entire child, each of these zombie shows deserve a place alongside The Walking Dead in your TV binge schedule.

6. Dead Set

Dead Set [Credit: E4]
Dead Set [Credit: E4]

Long before Charlie Brooker blew our minds with the British show Black Mirror, the show runner literally blew people's brains out with Dead Set, a limited series that imagined what would happen if a zombie apocalypse hit the UK while the reality show Big Brother unfolded.

Aired over five nights, Dead Set proved to be both a commercial and critical success, earning a BAFTA nomination for its scathing portrayal of the media, and some genuinely horrific moments that aren't easy to forget.

The young British cast are also on top form here — look out for a particularly memorable appearance from Riz Ahmed, who has since reached the stars in the blockbuster movie Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

5. Z Nation

Negan should get onto his copyright lawyers, stat. [Z-Nation - Credit: Syfy]
Negan should get onto his copyright lawyers, stat. [Z-Nation - Credit: Syfy]

Season 7 of The Walking Dead has been unsurprisingly low on the laughs, so it's worth catching Z Nation for a break. The two shows are rather similar, even though this one ultimately treads a more light-hearted path.

Of all the shows on this list, Z Nation is the one most clearly created as a direct response to the success of The Walking Dead. The story follows survivors traveling across America who hold a potential cure for the virus, one that could end the apocalypse and save humanity.

We've seen it all before, even in The Walking Dead itself, but Z Nation sets itself apart through its use of black humor and novel characters who are definitely worth following through Season 1 and beyond.

4. Ash Vs Evil Dead

Your pain, my gain. [Ash Vs Evil Dead - Credit: Starz]
Your pain, my gain. [Ash Vs Evil Dead - Credit: Starz]

Few horror series have amassed a following as dedicated as The Evil Dead. A lot of that success is down to the charisma of Bruce Campbell, who brought horror icon Ash to life in the franchise's first film all the way back in 1981.

After a number of sequels and a modern reboot, Ash is back with his trademark chainsaw in tow, slicing and dicing his way through the evil Deadites once again.

This time on the small screen, some fans may be disappointed that The Evil Dead wasn't resurrected as a groovy new movie. But the new format is perfect for exploring the mythology of the Necronomicon in more detail, while giving Campbell free reign to be the Ash we know and love.

3. Les Revenants

Surprisingly well-groomed zombies. [Les Revenants - Credit Canal+]
Surprisingly well-groomed zombies. [Les Revenants - Credit Canal+]

The Walking Dead may have its quieter, character-driven moments, but there's still plenty of severed heads and bitten limbs to satisfy the gore hounds out there. However, those of you in search of a more realistic approach to the apocalypse must seek out the French drama Les Revenants.

The zombies in Les Revenants are simply people who have returned to their small mountain town in the same condition as when they died, retaining their memories and personalities for the most part.

An American remake exists called The Returned, but the original is far superior, exploring themes of faith and death in a contemplative manner that hooks you in with enigmas that are threaded throughout the entire season.

Every cast member excels, the cinematography is stunning to behold and the haunting music performed by Mogwai creates a unique tone completely different than anything we've seen on The Walking Dead yet.

2. iZombie

Just your standard hot, brain-eating zombie. [iZombie - Credit: The CW]
Just your standard hot, brain-eating zombie. [iZombie - Credit: The CW]

The Walking Dead isn't the only zombie comic out there that's received an amazing adaptation on the small screen. It's just that a lot less people watch iZombie.

The story follows a medical resident named Liv Moore who finds herself turned into a zombie. Standard fare so far, but the catch is that if Liv regularly eats brains, she can retain her personality and even has visions of the deceased's life before they died. Naturally, Liv uses her newfound gifts to help solve murders in her own quirky way that makes you laugh far more than a zombie TV show ought to.

As is often the case with innovative shows, there's a danger that iZombie could be canceled before its time, sharing a similar fate to Veronica Mars. The petition to prevent that happening starts here, right now. Netflix the hell out of it, people.

1. In The Flesh

Zombie chic. [In The Flesh - Credit: BBC]
Zombie chic. [In The Flesh - Credit: BBC]

While The Walking Dead follows Rick and the gang as they try to survive a zombie apocalypse and the likes of Negan, In the Flesh takes a decidedly different approach, examining life after a vaccine for the virus has been found.

Despite the ruination caused by the zombie uprising, those who had been cured are labelled partially deceased syndrome (PDS) sufferers and gradually integrated back into society. The show follows one of these former zombies, Kieren, as he struggles to fit back into his community amidst devastating scenes of hatred and loss.

In just nine episodes, the BAFTA-winning show blew the competition out of the water, creating one of the most powerful depictions of prejudice ever seen on screen. Really, regardless of genre, In the Flesh is a stunningly beautiful show that will grab you by the feels and not let go.

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Bonus — DC's Legends of Tomorrow: Abominations

DC's Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]
DC's Legends of Tomorrow [Credit: The CW]

Anyone else spot that episode of The CW's misfit superhero show where the team landed in 1860's USA and fought off a bunch of zombie Confederate soldiers? While DC's Legends of Tomorrow isn't a typical zombie show, the undead antics on display in Abominations delivered a curious mix of fun and genuine scares dressed up in the guise of a superhero program. Well worth a watch.

To be honest, even if you're one of those lone souls out there who doesn't like The Walking Dead or simply gave up because Season 2 never left that sodding barn, you'll still find something this in this list of the best zombie shows on TV.


What's your favorite zombie TV show?

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