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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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Children of Salem beware! The true delightful horror of Halloween 2016? The news that Winifred Sanderson, one of our most beloved wicked witches, didn't die at the end of Hocus Pocus but was instead spotted alive and well at the 'Hulaween Party' at The Waldorf Astoria in New York!

Stepping out as what is arguably her most iconic role to date, Bette Midler owned Halloween by resurrecting Winifred from the dead and dazzling both the red carpet and legions of Hocus Pocus fans across the globe in her fabulously bewitching outfit:

A Spell In The Elixir Of Youth

Proving that magic really does exist, Bette managed to look unnervingly identical to the original Winifred who flew onto our screens twenty three years ago, back in 1993. Frankly, the resemblance is terrifying. If not mostly because she appears to look even better now than she did back then:

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And She Was Wand-erfully Polite!

And to top it all off, she was incredibly gracious to her Halu-ween Party hosts, thanking them for an 'electrifying evening' on Twitter and showing the world that Winifred has mellowed, for the better, with age:

A Sequel To The Cape-ers of Hocus Pocus?

 Concept Artists: Kyle Ellis
Concept Artists: Kyle Ellis

With its tremendous cult following, Hocus Pocus fans have been desperately hoping that a sequel is on the cards. As artist Kylie Ellis' article emphasizes, there is a huge demand for Hocus Pocus 2, and no end to the theories over what may become of Winifred, Mary and Sarah if they were to come back in the modern day.

And not only that, Bette Midler is desperate for a sequel too. Surprising audiences attending her tour last year by coming on stage in full Winifred costume and singing 'I've put a spell on you' Bette finished her performance by saying:

And so are we Bette, so are we!


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