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After three critically acclaimed seasons that have drawn in big numbers for AMC, the network has given the thumbs up for a fourth season of its hit prequel series Better Call Saul. The third season of the prequel followed Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) as he struggled to recover from his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) tricking him into an admission of tampering with evidence.

As Jimmy fought hard to keep his license to practice law, fans also watched as Nacho Varga (Michael Mondo) worked with Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) to bring down his own boss Hector Salamanca and protect both of their families. Amidst the shady dealings and personal back-stabbings, the season ended with a lot of open doors for its characters — and for setting up the larger Breaking Bad universe.

With not much known just yet for the fourth season, let's take a look at some of the biggest questions that still require resolving.

1. How Does Jimmy Go From Eldercare With Kim To Underworld Without Her?

Much of the season saw Jimmy trying to convince the representative of the Sandpiper Retirement Home class action suit to accept a settlement. In using social manipulation to turn the other elderly residents against her — to push her to accept the settlement — Jimmy relieved himself of his office payment worries. After seeing the emotional harm that he caused, however, Jimmy pulls another scam to reveal his true intentions, reuniting the friends and also canceling the settlement and his cut of it.

Returning home to an injured Kim Wexler (Rhea Seehorn) in the finale, Jimmy discusses his future as a lawyer, opting to try and find a different kind of clientele once his probation is up. This is a big change in mentality for Jimmy, as the elderly clients represented a more honorable approach to doing his job — and a more positive characterization. However, with this new mindset, we see a greater evolution that comes closer to the Saul Goodman that we all know and love from Breaking Bad.

Kim is injured because devoting endless time to her only client, Mesa Verde, literally drove her into a breakdown; she crashes her car from exhaustion, nearly driving off a cliff. Though only left with a broken arm and some minor cuts on her face, she decides to take a break from law. All she wants to do is make a trip to the local Blockbuster — remember, this is roughly 2003 — and watch with some of her favorite junk food.

It feels like Kim needs more than just a month or two off. With both Jimmy and Kim agreeing to shutter their office, it seems like Kim might be looking for a big career change in her future. But as Jimmy continues down his morally dubious path, there's a good chance Jimmy will have something go wrong with a client and it'll end up getting Kim killed — after all, why doesn't she appear in Breaking Bad?

2. How Will Jimmy Respond To Chuck's Fiery Fate?

In one of the most heartbreaking moments of the series, Chuck — broken by Jimmy succeeding in pulling off his scams — knocks over the gas lamp in his house, causing a fire to erupt in his house. While many fans speculated as to whether or not Chuck truly perished in the fire, as we haven't seen his body yet, actor McKean has confirmed to Vulture it is the end for Chuck McGill:

"It seemed like this was kind of the end of Chuck’s chapter in the life of Jimmy McGill slash Saul Goodman. It’s almost like the rock and a hard place — they can’t be too comfy together for too long or else you have to ask, what is the point of having Chuck? If Chuck is the person that Jimmy cared for and took care of, and who transformed into his antagonist, and then transformed into this wreck — this person who has no choice but to try and fix himself and has no tools for himself — it seemed like a logical step."

Though Chuck cut ties with Jimmy in the season finale, it was in the worst possible way, claiming he never cared for his younger brother in the first place, which devastated Jimmy. Despite this, the news of Chuck's death will more than likely be a shock to Jimmy and could drive him to make some terrible decisions. Will Jimmy completely throw away his code of honor now that he's lost his brother?

3. What's Next For The Salamanca/Fring Feud?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

In a move that overjoyed Breaking Bad fans, AMC brought back meth-dealing kingpin Gustavo Fring (Giancarlo Esposito) and his famous front, Los Pollos Hermanos. Gus's role in the series grew as the third season progressed, as he sought a way to launder the remainder of the money he stole from Hector to legally give it to his family.

What was most interesting to watch, though, was the gradual decline of Hector Salamanca from his powerful position in Albuquerque as Don Eladio Vuente (Steven Bauer)'s primary smuggler operator, and Gus's involvement in the decline. As Mike worked against Hector with the help of Nacho, Don Eladio's faith in Hector fell — and his trust in Gus grew, leading to Gus being appointed by Don Eladio as the new head of the smuggling operations through Albuquerque. This news led to Hector suffering a heart attack, and due to the covert planning of Nacho to swap out his heart medicine, he was seen being carted off in an ambulance in the finale.

Those who watched the original show no doubt remember the aggressive feud between Gus and Hector, the latter confined to a wheelchair and unable to talk, aside from ringing a bell. Chances are this will be the medical event that leads to that outcome, putting Gus even higher up in the chain of command.

With Gus having just gotten the upper hand in this feud, it will be interesting to see where they go in the next season.

4. Where Does Jimmy/Saul's Story Go After Breaking Bad?

[Credit: AMC]
[Credit: AMC]

In the three seasons of the show so far, we've seen a few glimpses of our titular hero in his post-Breaking Bad life; he is now living in Omaha, Nebraska, under the name "Gene" as the manager of a Cinnabon restaurant. In the most recent flashforward, we see the former lawyer have a run-in with a shoplifter, whom he ratted out to a security guard (but then cautioned not to say a word and to get a lawyer, showing a brief return of the old Jimmy McGill).

While the whole purpose of his new life is to lay low, this recent development — in which Jimmy let the quick-talking lawyer slip out — could point to an interesting change in his present-day life. Will Jimmy remain in the shadows in a life that clearly bores him and depresses him? Or could he somehow create a new lawyer identity for himself without attracting dangerous attention? We would love to see a flash-forward in the fourth season that offers an even bigger development for "Gene."

Are you looking forward to another season of Better Call Saul? What are you hoping to see from the fourth season? Let us know in the comments below!

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