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With the recent announcement that AMC is moving forward with Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul, the Moviepilot office has been hit with Saul Goodman fever. The charismatic but morally questionable lawyer is a popular figure around these parts and brings a degree of levity to a show that often explores the darker reaches of the human soul.

This got me thinking about which other characters from the show I'd like to see get a spinoff series and given Breaking Bad's propensity to off most of it's major players, many of these shows would have to take place BH (Before Heisenberg).

So for you consideration, I present my top 5 choices for a BB spinoff. (Disclaimer: Place tongue firmly in cheek throughout.)

Mike Ehrmantraut

I chose a half measure, when I should have gone all the way... I'll never make that mistake again. No more half measures, Walter.

Who he?

Grizzled former Philadelphia cop, PI, fixer and doting grandfather. Worked as Head of Corporate Security for Los Pollos Hermanos before Walter White decided that he was in the empire building business. A heart of gold beneath his granite exterior.

Mike's Philly City Blues

The show follows a young and idealistic Mike who's recently joined the Philadelphia police department. Driven by his desire to clean up the crime-riddled streets, Mike's loyalties are put to the test when the Police Chief asks him to plant evidence on a suspected meth dealer. In an environment stinking of corruption and backstabbing and with his marriage coming under increasing strain, Mike has to decide whether the price of justice is one that he's prepared to pay.

Ted Beneke

With your knowledge of how the books got the way they are, maybe there’s some way you could undo what’s in there.

Who he?

Former President and owner of Beneke Fabricators, one-time lover of Skyer White and current resident of Albuquerque General Hospital.

You Beneke Believe It

In what is viewed as something of a maverick move, AMC commissions a financial-based drama that focuses on the monetary problems of Ted and his business. Each episode charts Ted's deepening state of helplessness as he fights to keep his company afloat. Ted's methods for staving off financial oblivion include paying his taxes off on time, selling assets at competitive prices and offering excellent customer service. Show is cancelled after just one season after viewers complain that the morality of the main character is not in keeping with the trends of big-business and the setup is too unrealistic.

Bogdan Wolynetz

Walter, I'm shorthanded and need you outside to do some wipe-downs

Who he?

Hard-nosed Romanian national and original proprietor of A1A Car Wash. Early nemesis of Walter White and owner of the biggest [email protected]&king eyebrows in New Mexico.

Do Romanians Dream of Capitalist Sheep?

As a happy-go-lucky child growing up in Romania, Bogdan dreamed of one day owning a car wash where he could wish customers an A1 day. But living under Nicolae Ceaușescu's oppressive communist rule was tough for the young capitalist and Boney M fan. Accused of subversion against the state and corruption of the young by illegally smuggling a copy of "Rivers of Babylon/Brown Girl in the Ring" into the country, Bogdan flees his homeland in search of a better way of life. Do Romanians Dream of Capitalist Sheep? sees Bogdan take a journey across a continent as well as into his own soul.

Gale Boetticher

I doff my proverbial cap to you, sir!

Who he?

Sweet-natured, scientific genius. Vegan, sandals and socks kind of guy.

Gale Force One

A fresh-out-of college Gale embarks on a gap year travelling around South East Asia in order to "find himself" and expand his horizons. During the trip Gale develops a passion for piloting light aircraft and singing Karaoke and wows crowds from Phnom Pehn to Dalat with his renditions of David Bowie's back catalog. It's on one such night of hedonism that the idea for his coffee brewing vacuum reflux/distillation apparatus first takes shape. He also invents the BoardSkirt, which is pair of board shorts in the form of a skirt, but the product fails to take off. Gale Force One is described as a tour de force and a victory for the everyman.

Carmen Molina

Please feel comfortable coming to me with any problems, any issues. Anything at all. You know, completely confidential.

Who she?

Assistant Principal and then later Principal of J. P. Wynne High School. Has a sympathetic ear and an intolerance to Walter White's advances.

The Principal and the Pauper

Struggling to cope with the knowledge that her former chemistry teacher was a drug kingpin, Molina quits her job, sells her possessions and retires to a cabin in Georgia to write her memoir. Things take a turn for the worst when she loses radio contact with the outside world. Emerging from her self-imposed exile, Molina is distraught to discover that the dead have started to walk the earth and humans are no longer on top of the food chain. Stumbling across a small community of survivors holed up in a prison, Molina falls in love with a poncho-wearing redneck with a heart of gold.

That's it from me. Let me know what you think about these suggestions in the comment section below. Alternatively, feel free to add your own spinoff ideas.


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