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Matt Carter

Beverly Hills Cop has a new recruit, with actor, comedian, and all-round funny guy signing up for the hour-long pilot. According to THR, Pollak will play Rodney, "the in-house lawyer for the BHPD and a stickler for the rules".

and The Shield's are behind the CBS-backed pilot, which is a continuation of the movie franchise and focuses on Axel Foley's son (), as he looks to bring the baddies of Beverly Hills to justice. I imagine there'll also be lots of wisecracks, shoot-outs, and the odd Detroit Lions Varsity jacket.

Pollak is probably best known for his roles in The Usual Suspects and television show Shark. He's also an accomplished impressionist, so if you haven't seen him do Christopher Walken, go and check it out now. Meow.

There's no word yet on when Beverly Hills Cop will air, so stick close for updates as and when we get them.


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