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I'm a good bowler, and a good man.

We all know that and are bosom buddies all of a sudden. Nina EVEN**** spoke about it in her interview with Cosmo recently.

And now, it turns out wants to set up Nina...with her brother, Mr Derek Hough!

So, the story goes that Julianne is 'very protective' over Nina, and 'superpicky' over Derek. Hollywoodlife have taken that to mean that she has put the two closest people in her life together! And guess what? Rumor is it's been, according to Star, Derek and Nina were seen as Lollapalooza together, looking...err...rather cosy. A source saw them and said that, “Nina and Derek seemed really into each other.”

If it's true, of course - bravo! I'm never one to shoot down romance. But, here's my issue. Doesn't Julianne sound a tad too...overzealous? It's as if she's taken Cupid and made him into an autocratic Kingpin. Also, what about her own love-life?

And also, forgive me, but Nina and Derek? It just don't wash for me. With Nina's gentle vamp-glam, a man of mystery makes sense. He just (for me at least) doesn't seem like the sort of chap she would go for.

Derek's a ballroom-dancing, babylon-blonde jock with something discernibly 2002 and Abercrombie n' Fitch about him. Anyone remember Duncan James? I don't expect the non-Brits amongst you to be aware of his existence, but he's a member of the rather dated early 2000's boyband Blue. I just don't see Nina's romantic interests lying in the Derek Hough-Duncan James boyband school of celebrity hunks, if Mr Somerhalder is anything to go by!

But then, their personalities may collide. And she may need something more clear-cut and cheesy after the piercing stares, high chic n' sharp as knives cheekbones of Somerhalder.

Anyway, Julianne should just let it naturally happen, rather than orchestrate it. I understand she cares about two of the closest people to her in her life, but nobody likes an overzealous interferer!

Regardless, Gossip Cop have denied this is even a thing, with a rep for Dobrev saying that it's "not true" and that they're "just friends."

So, maybe did NOTHING at all. Gossip really can fly in ridiculous directions.



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