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Biebers somewhat juvenile ploy to prove he is the baddest kid in the crèche has severely backfired on his ass. The 19 year old star is accused of pelting dozens of eggs at his neighbors house causing 20,000 dollars worth of damage. While the baby faced assassin is clearly used to getting away with murder, this time he wasn't so lucky.

Angry Bieber venting his considerable rage in 2012

The Los Angeles Sheriff's Detective Department raided the star's Calabasas, California mansion on Tuesday morning while poor little was taking a nap with friend Lil Za. True to form, the star was not taking the invasion lying down and after throwing a tantrum he had to be corralled into his garage by cops while they conducted a full search of the premises.

Bieber and Lil Za rocking appropriately toddler friendly clothing

Lil Za was arrested for possessing narcotics suspected to be MDMA (also known as Molly) and security footage was taken from Bieber along with a stash of suspected Xanax that narcotics investigators are casting their expert eyes over.

Although Biebs is safe in his big playpen of dreams for now, there is a big chance he is clutching his security blanket in silent terror. The star has not been exonerated from his egg lobbing antics and prosecutors are keen to hammer home that he has committed a felony crime. L.A County Sheriff's Department spokesman Steve Whitmore told a press conference that:

It's a felony crime, I get that it was done with eggs which makes you feel that it's a lower level crime but a felony crime is a felony crime no matter how you commit it and this crime rose to a felony section

Evidence of the night Bieber hit the town and got Eggless

Criminal Defense Attorney Troy Slaten gave E! News a full run down of the charges that bratty Bieber could be up against and, it ain't pretty. Misdemeanor trespass and felony vandalism top the list and Slaten had a grave warning to give the troubled teen:

Because of all the prior run ins with speeding, spitting and everything else in his neighborhood, prosecutors are going to take a very close look at this and if they feel they could prove their case Justin will be facing criminal charges

Maybe the threat of some time in the cells will force Bieber to apologise to his neighbors with egg on his face but, I somewhat doubt it. There is no teaching reason to someone who idea of high jinx is pissing in a restaurant mop bucket.

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(Images: Celebitchy via Famefly Net, Showbiz Geek, The Daily Mail via Splash News, Tumblr)



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