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Beliebers the world over should get ready to spray a potent mix of denial and hand sanitizer directly into their eyes, because this story ain't pretty.

Bieber's once lofty popularity is merrily freefalling into a ravine of his own making but don't worry, he is determined to just keep on digging!

The star clearly needed a bit of cheering up after his big, scary court appearance and he found solace in the hefty faux bosom of a hired stripper. Keeping it classy!

Justin Bieber and Khalil Sharieff get a taste of the action

The surgically enhanced lovely was hired to perform for and his playmates at a Los Angeles recording studio and she went above and beyond the call of duty. Not only did she let Hollywood's least favourite tantrum toddler munch on her mammoth mammaries, but she also spread the joy for all to see. Hurrah!

It is nice to see Biebs displaying a positive quality for once, you really can't fault his generosity. The star didn't stop at sharing his magical mugshot moment with friend Khalil Sharieff, he also went halves on this tasty handful. Bless.

Bieber and Sharieff do everything together!

TMZ reports that the as-yet-unamed woman pictured looked old enough to be Justin's mother. No wonder the poor little blighter got confused and went in for a sneaky little suckle.

This picture makes me want to aggressively scrub my eyeballs with a brillo pad and some industrial toilet cleaner, but I can think of one person who will be even more traumatised.

Poor doesn't have the most talked about tongue in Hollywood anymore and, thats gotta hurt. Sorry it had to happen like this, babes.

Do you guys think that somebody needs to tackle Bieber's outlandish behaviour before he self-destructs? I might joke about his antics, but he is hardly sending out a great message to his impressionable young fans. Do you guys agree?

(Source: The Mirror via TMZ)

(Images: The Mirror via Splash News, 3KRTV via Miami-Dade Corrections and Rehab, Fanpop and Panda Whale)



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