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With Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory just around the corner, CBS has revealed what to expect in the upcoming season. Of course, top of the list is the resolution to Season 10's jaw-dropping cliffhanger — Sheldon's proposal to Amy. Dr. Ramona Nowitzki cropped up again while Amy was away in Princeton, but things took an unexpected turn when Ramona's admiration for Sheldon go out of hand quite quickly, prompting Sheldon to pop the question to Amy.

While fans pray it is good news for Sheldon and Amy, with her saying yes to his exciting proposal, it has been revealed that a bombshell will be dropped on Howard and Bernadette. But what could it be?

It appears CBS is keeping tightlipped on what the bombshell is, however, they have said that Howard and Bernadette will both 'struggle with some unexpected news.' This sparks a wave of worry for fans, as it could be anything. With the storyline details remaining confidential for the time being, below are some ideas on what the news could be.

Howard's Father?

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

From time to time it has been mentioned on that Howard and his father don't exactly have the best relationship. Fans know that Howard suffers from panic attacks that can be triggered by the smallest of things.

If Howard's father were to write to him explaining he would like to see his son once again, could Howard go into panic mode, or face his father? After all, Howard's father is a grandfather now. If Howard's father appearing in the comedy sitcom is the "unexpected news," fans may also meet Howard's half-brother at the same time.

On the other hand, the writers may make Howard's life more miserable by killing off his last remaining parent. During Season 8, Episode 15, Howard was left shook when he found out his mother had passed away in her sleep. However, this was only written in due to the tragic passing of the voice actress who played Howard's mother, Carol Ann Susi, who passed away in 2014 following a battle with cancer. However, will the writers want to make Howard's life that miserable?

Long-Term Illness?

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Because The Big Bang Theory is telling stories about the lives of everyday people, the showrunners have to include events that take place in reality, meaning that often anything could happen. One of the things people have to battle everyday is a long term illness.

With Howard and Bernadette now raising a child, a dark storyline like this could completely transform the lives of the two quirky characters and their daughter. Giving a character an illness like cancer is a big step to take and needs to be thought out incredibly well for it to work.

Addressing such a powerful and shocking storyline like a long-term illness is exactly what the show needs right now. Take away the comedy for one moment and actually show that many actions happening in the sitcom happen in real life. People have to struggle with news like this on a daily basis, and expressing it in a globally popular comedy sitcom gives the public that full awareness of how difficult it is to go through.

Divorce For The Couple?

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

While this is the most unlikely storyline out of the three, it still remains a possibility. Ever since the couple got married in the Season 5 finale, viewers have witnessed the couple have their ups and downs in the marriage. But a lot of married couples have small and petty arguments, right?

We know how sarcastic Howard can be, and this time he could take it one step too far, leaving Bernadette no option but to end the marriage so soon. This would leave fans wondering if Howard or Bernadette will leave the show for good and take their daughter with them? On the other hand, it could be like the time when Amy and Sheldon split up: comedic and entertaining to watch when they both came face-to-face together in the same room.

Divorce rumours have been looming in the dark for quite some time now, as various sources reported that Penny and Leonard were to suffer a shock divorce. With the rumours still lingering, it makes the chances even higher that Bernadette and Howard could get divorced, too.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the news, fans are keeping their fingers crossed that the news isn't too upsetting and that everyone makes it out alive. The Big Bang Theory's audience is growing bigger and bigger every year, and fans are desperate to see how the writers can put a new spin on the show.

For now, fans await to see if CBS will reveal anymore news regarding this huge storyline. Or, if they have to hold on that little longer until the news is revealed in the upcoming episodes.

Season 11 of The Big Bang Theory premieres on Monday, September 25 at 8/7c on CBS.

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(Source: CBS)


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