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It has recently been confirmed that Jim Parsons from The Big Bang Theory is the highest paid actor on television this year. Jim Parsons is well known for his role as the lovable but irritating Sheldon Cooper in the major hit series. Parsons has been named to take the top position for an amazing second time. It's been reported by Forbes that Parsons earned an astonishing $25.5 million last year.

Fellow Big Bang cast members Johnny Galecki (Leonard), Simon Helberg (Howard) and Kunal Nayyar (Raj) all follow Jim to scoop the top four places on the list.

The CBS show made the major headlines roughly two years ago when the show bosses followed suite after Friends by paying the main cast $1 million an episode! This salary was offered to Parsons, Galecki and fellow co-star actress Kaley Cuoco, who plays Penny in the show.

An Excited Sheldon
An Excited Sheldon

Kaley Cuoco just misses out on the top hot spot as she falls into second place by earning $24.5 million last year. With a whopping $43 million earned last year, Sofia Vergara raced to the top of the Forbes list for 2016.

Forbes spokesperson Madeline Beg expressed her thoughts on the situation to the Independent and said:

The gender wage gap between men and women on television is smaller than it is on film, as ensemble casts tend to negotiate their contracts together: Sofia Vergara makes the same amount as her male counterparts on 'Modern Family,' for example, and Kaley Cuoco makes $1 million per episode of 'The Big Bang Theory' just like Jim Parsons.

The Big Bang Theory is unstoppable at the moment as it has just returned for Season 10 on CBS. It is yet to be fully confirmed whether or not the show will be returning for an eleventh season and beyond that. However, some sources have said the show will continue into Season 11. We will have to sit tight on our seats until further announcements.

Johnny and Kaley
Johnny and Kaley

As for us, we're totally on board with more Big Bang Theory so long as we have another season of "Fun With Flags."

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