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With the Season 10 finale of The Big Bang Theory ending with a jaw-dropping cliffhanger, the outcome of the shocking moment is still yet to be decided. The finale saw Sheldon Cooper (portrayed by Jim Parsons) turn up at Amy Farrah Fowler's (played by Mayim Bialik) hotel room, where he surprisingly dropped to one knee and asked her to marry him.

We have yet to see what Amy's response will be, but Season 11 is expected to continue immediately from where Season 10 left off. Will Amy say yes to Sheldon?

The Outcome Still Remains Unclear For The Stars Of The Show

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Well, Bialik has been speaking exclusively to and has revealed that she is still uncertain which way the show writers will take the situation. In her interview, Bialik responded with:

“I honestly don’t know what her response will be. And I could see her saying no or yes! It’s really up to our writers to come up with how this moment will play out, and they might not even know at this time which way they want to take it!”

When reading the script for Season 10 finale, Bialik says her "jaw hit the floor" with shock, and began to think if Sheldon and Amy actually need to get married. Continuing her interview, star explained her thoughts:

“I think there have been a lot of special occasions on the show already – several weddings and a baby. I’m not sure that we need to have a Sheldon/Amy wedding, but again, that’s up to the writers!”

Will we ever see Sheldon and Amy get married? Judging by the descriptions, fans desperately want to see this wedding take place. After all, as Bialik said, it "would definitely be a groomzilla, it would probably be Star Trek themed!”

What About Ramona's Kiss With Sheldon?

'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]
'The Big Bang Theory' [Credit: Warner Bros. TV]

Surely the writers won't just let this one slip by? In the same episode, Romana (played by Riki Lindhome) spent the episode flirting with the geeky scientist, which ended up leading to a dramatic kiss in Sheldon's office. Will Amy tragically find out about this one-off kiss? When questioned about it, Bialik said:

“Ha, great question. It might be really funny for that to play out. I am sure it would be hilarious! She would either ask him to talk about it or tell him he never can…!”

With Season 11 closing in fast, Bialik is currently creating YouTube videos for the public while on a break of silence, as requested by her doctors.

“I’ve got a naturally raspy voice and my job involves…talking! I discovered I wasn’t using my voice correctly and had been straining my vocal chords a few years ago. There’s some pretty severe damage lately and my ENT has ordered me to not to use my voice for a whole month which is going to be very hard as I love to talk and need to talk! I am using my silent time to rehab my voice but it isn’t stopping me from advocating for the environment on behalf of SodaStream!"

With Bialik currently resting her voice, it gives The Big Bang Theory writers the time to make a decision as to what will happen with Sheldon's proposal to Amy. We will find out Amy's decision on September 25 when Season 11 begins on CBS.

Would you like to see Sheldon and Amy get married? Sound off in the comments!


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