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Because of their episodic nature, TV shows give us a greater amount of time to fall in love with a group of characters, which is it hurts so much when the actors portraying them leave a series. That uncertainty has been hanging over viewers for quite a while regarding fan favorites Amy Farrah Fowler and Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz, played by and , respectively.

The Big Bang Theory is rumored to be ending its impressive 11-season run with the next two seasons. Cast members like (Sheldon), (Rajesh) and (Penny) have already signed their new contracts with Warner Bros.

However, the two aforementioned characters were left in limbo, due to the actresses looking for pay parity compared to their fellow cast members. Fortunately for everyone, that uncertainty is not the case anymore.

Bernadette and Amy Are Returning To The Show

[Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

Variety is reporting that Rauch and Bialik have finalized their deals with Warner Bros. to return as their respective characters for the final two seasons of the show. According to the site's sources, these new deals will have the actresses earning $500,000 per episode for the next 48 episodes that comprise the two seasons. That's a considerably larger sum compared to their original $175,000-$200,000 previous salaries.

According to the report, Jim Parsons, Kaley Cuoco, Kunal Nayyar, and had their salaries per episode lowered from $1 million to $900,000 to free up money for Bialik and Rauch's new deals. You may have noticed there's still a large gap between both group of actors' paychecks.

[Credit: Warner Bros. Television]
[Credit: Warner Bros. Television]

That may be simply because of Big Bang Theory longevity. Bialik and Rauch entered the series during its third season, and didn't become full-fledged cast members until the fourth season.

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Admittedly, their return is not as surprising. Both are beloved characters among the BBT fan community and they have pivotal ongoing arcs in the show. Bernadette has been dealing with her marriage and child with Howard Holowitz for the past three years. Meanwhile Amy just moved in with Sheldon, and the pair's relationship still has a lot of development in it.

With that said, entertainment is a very unstable medium, so if negotiations had fallen apart between the actresses and the studio, their characters would have most likely not returned to close up the show. So it's great to know they're indeed coming back and the storyline will not have to adapt to their absence.

The Big Bang Theory is currently airing it tenth season, which is expected to end on May 11, 2017.


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[Credit: Variety]


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