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It's One Thing After Another For Amy

It isn't long until The Big Bang Theory returns for Season 10 and lots of spoilers and secrets have been revealed already. However, has a brand new spoiler just been revealed just weeks before the Season 10 premiere?

Season 9 saw Leonard and Penny get married, Bernadette dropped a bombshell on Howard by telling him she was pregnant and Raj seemed happy with Emily. However, the season's highlight was when Sheldon and Amy finally get intimate together, which was a huge step for Sheldon. On the other hand, things are getting even more exciting from here onwards as their mighty relationship is likely to take an even bigger step. New details are being passed around that Sheldon is ready to pack his bags and leave Leonard and (finally) move in with Amy.

Reported by Entertainment Weekly, they reported that fans should keep a close eye on Amy and Sheldon, as them moving in together is the next big thing for the wacky and wonderful couple. It has taken some time for Amy and Sheldon to get this far. With them breaking up and getting back together, will moving in together solve all the issues?

The show bosses are rumored to be trying a "big experiment" with the geeky couple. Executive Producer Steven Molaro heavily stressed that Sheldon and Amy moving in together will only be a part of the experiment. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Molaro said:

"It's not a trick, he's aware of what's happening. Everyone will have all the apprehensions of whatever they're gonna feel and they'll work their way through it like they have for the last six years. I think there are ways that we can experiment and the show will still very much feel like the show. At the end of the day, as long as those people are gathered in that living room to hang out and eat dinner, I think it will always be the show."

With Season 11 of the show rumored to be going ahead, Sheldon and Amy's relationship is likely to be going up yet another level! The question on everyone's lips right now is, how will Sheldon come to agreements that he should move in with Amy? We all know Sheldon doesn't like change and leaving Leonard after so long will hit Sheldon hard and probably be quite emotional for him. Going by the leaked details, Sheldon is going to be made to do all kinds of things in the name of science. For Sheldon, once science is involved there's no going back, and there's nothing Sheldon can do.

With Amy and Sheldon moving in together, does this mean Leonard and Penny will also move in together? It will give them the time they actually need now that they are married and won't have Sheldon interrupting 24/7.

Tune in for Season 10 on September 19th to see how the events unfold.

While the Big Bang gang may not be an actual family, they sure have a lot of the same qualities. Check out some of TV's other famous families in the video below:


Is Sheldon Moving In With Amy Going To Damage The Core Of The Show?


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