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Doug the Pug has become quite the internet sensation over the past couple of years. With over 2.5 million followers on Instagram and almost half a million followers on Twitter, Doug has taken the internet by storm. From recreating Taylor Swift's instagram to recreating popular shows and movies, Doug the Pug has done it all.

However, his latest recreation — of the opening credits from the most popular comedy on television right now — has to be his most adorable one yet:

In the new video, all of the characters from The Big Bang Theory — Sheldon, Penny, Amy, Leonard, Raj, Howard and Bernadette — get their own pug version, dressed up exactly the way the characters are dressed on the show: Sheldon with his superhero t-shirt, Leonard with his jacket and Howard with his turtleneck.

We are not sure how the human version of Sheldon would feel about Doug sitting on his spot. However, the video would definitely be approved by him.

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Doug recently visited the set of The Big Bang Theory. This led the fans of the show to believe that Doug would probably be making an appearance in an upcoming episode. But it looks like the set visit might have just been for shooting this video. That being said, we would love to see Doug the Pug make an appearance on the show.

This wasn't Doug's only set visit last week. He also visited the Central Perk Cafe from Friends. Could we soon be getting a similar video for the Friends intro as well?

We'll have to wait and see whether Doug the Pug will drop by in an upcoming The Big Bang Theory episode. On the bright side, Paco the Sloth will definitely make an appearance in a future episode.

On a scale of 1 to 10, how adorable is "The Big Pug Theory" video? Let us know in the comments section down below!


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