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Another press screening (this time in Brazil) has revealed more secrets for Star Trek Into Darkness. This time there are many new spoiler details revealed including the identity of 's character.

Brazilian site has a report from a press screening for ' upcoming flick from Sau Paulo, which was presented by producer . 38 minutes of the movie was shown, mostly from the beginning.

Here are some highlights from the report, containing hefty spoilers:

  • Nibiru mission ends with Kirk rescuing Spock by violating the prime directive by revealing the Enterprise to Nibiru natives so he can beam Spock out of the Volcano.
  • Kirk has a scene in bed (back in San Francisco) in bed with two "cat women".
  • Kirk makes mention of hoping to get assigned to a "five year mission" (implying that the famed five year mission hasn't started yet for the time he has been captain).
  • Kirk is demoted for violating prime directive on Nibiru, loses command of Enterprise with Pike to take over command Kirk as first officer.
  • Pike wanted to send Kirk back to Academy but was convinced (possibly ordered?) to make Kirk first officer of Enterprise by Admiral Marcus (played by Peter Weller).
  • Spock assigned to another ship.
  • The "father" character uses his Starfleet ring as a bomb (dropping it into water for a reaction) and destroys a facility (in London).
  • London attack leads to big meeting of Starfleet captains which itself is attacked by John Harrison, resulting in Pike being injured…Harrison transport away.

Later scenes in the movie:

  • Enterprise severely damaged falling to Earth with Spock in command ordering evacuation.
  • Kirk and Scott seen in Engineering trying to stabilize ship.
  • Later Spock scene beaming down to San Francisco and starting long chase with Harrions.
  • Eventually Spock meets up with Harrison and engages in a fight.

When I saw that in the description, my heart sank. It's just going to make Kirk look like a jerk. I know in the television show Kirk got around, but it was always respectful. You NEVER got the impression that he was out to use anyone. I feel like this could be an example of trying to appeal to the Fast and Furious crowd of teenage old boys out there. It also shows that maybe, just maybe, Abrams really doesn't "get it". Let's pray that's not the case.

It's also somewhat disappointing that the role Weller is playing is "Admiral Marcus". I've kind of always thought that he might play a Klingon considering that we haven't seen any footage, pictures or content featuring him.

Still, interesting stuff. More news as it develops. What shocks and excites you the most?

Star Trek Into Darkness crashes into theaters May 17th.


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