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Horror fans may or may not remember last year's Bigfoot: The Lost Coast Tapes, but it never really made it to theater screens before landing on DVD via XLrator. It had a pretty slick poster for a low-budget horror film, even if it was nothing exactly new. The trailer was more or less solid, too, even if it wasn't quite genre-redefining. As a movie that relied on the overplayed and overtired "found footage" gimmick, I never had a desire to see it ("Lazy horror movie-itis" my doctor called it. I'll be fine with vodka and a trip to the Caribbean). Still, for a shoestring budget, the movie was..."decent", I think is the word.

The filmmakers apparently said, "'Decent'? Good enough!", as they've decided to move forward with a sequel project to last year's film. Titled Bigfoot: Beyond the Lost Coast Tapes, the movie will (thankfully) move away from the found footage conceit and be a more traditional film that incorporates a few found footage elements. Anyway, it just got itself a shiny new teaser poster:

Again, well-done but... lacking. The art concept is recycled directly from the original movie's poster, and while it's fairly interesting, it's not necessarily something that grabs my attention. We've already seen the one good shot of the hunter impaled on the pine tree, and it still failed to get the movie into theaters. Plus, the fact they ripped the tagline directly from Jaws 2 (and not in an ironic or reverential homage kind of way) does not give me hope that the rest of the movie won't also be as lazy.

Here's the original trailer, for those of you who have never seen the film (and I'm guessing that's most of you):

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