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The nomination announcements for the were broadcast live on Youtube earlier today, and now, after months of speculation, we have our shortlists. Before getting our guessing game on, though, it's worth sparing a moment's thought for the movies and performances which deserved a nomination, but instead were rudely snubbed by an Academy who chose to play it very safe indeed.

'Finding Dory'

Best Animated Feature is pretty much chock full with brilliant movies this year, but it's still unusual to see Pixar get zero love. Finding Dory was well-received, although clearly no match for Nemo. Still, the snub probably won't matter too much to the studio or considering Dory made over $1bn at the box office.

'Arrival' And 'Hidden Figures'

Taraji P. Henson might be best known as the outrageously gangster Cookie Lyon from Empire, but her much more subtle turn in this month's feel-good hit is a big part of the reason the movie has done so well, so her absence from Best Actress is a bit of a snub. For the same movie, singer Janelle Monae, who's relatively new to the acting game, might also have expected some recognition.

A much bigger shock is that Amy Adams wasn't nominated for , even though the film itself is on the shortlist for both Best Director and Best Picture.

Nobody is rooting against Meryl Streep (except, you know, Donald Trump), but her inclusion for Florence Foster Jenkins over Adams, a five-time nominee who gives the performance of her career in Arrival, feels weirdly unjustified.


There was some genuine talk of getting recognition at the 2017 Oscars, so to see it completely snubbed (nothing for Visual Effects, even? Really?) is a bit of a slap in the face for Wade Wilson. He won't be touching himself tonight.

That promised Oscars reaction video is now lost in the realm of what could have been.

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'Nocturnal Animals'

Michael Shannon received a fully-deserved nomination for Supporting Actor in Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals, but otherwise the movie got cold-shouldered like an ex running into the guy she cheated on in Starbucks. Cinematography should have been a bare minimum (this movie achieves the impossible and makes urban LA look beautiful), along with Best Director for Ford and Adapted Screenplay. Jake Gyllenhaal also had a shout for Best Actor.

Apparently the Oscars were too busy jerking off over La La Land to be seduced by Ford's neo-noir. Their loss.


It's not often that a Martin Scorsese movie tanks, but religious epic Silence is looking like a box office bomb of biblical proportions, and Oscar voters don't want to go anywhere near it. The film picked up a solitary nomination for Cinematography, so now it's official — films about Portuguese priests in 17th century Japan are out. I'm sure, like the rest of the world, you're totally bummed about that.

'Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice'

Am I joking? Have I lost my mind? No and quite possibly. Batman v Superman did deserve one nomination — for Original Score. Hans Zimmer and Junkie XL combined to cook up an incredible soundtrack for Dawn Of Justice, the pinnacle of which is Wonder Woman's riotously infectious theme.

To see it miss out while the forgettable score for Passengers gets a nomination is vaguely insulting, and even more fuel for Ben Affleck to spend the next year looking horribly sad.


Elle wasn't even on the shortlist for Best Foreign Film, but this French-language thriller about a woman (Isabelle Huppert) whose response to being raped at home is to actively provoke the men in her life, many of whom fit the profile of her attacker, is entirely fresh, perhaps too much so for middle-aged, conservative Oscar voters.

Huppert did get a thoroughly-deserved Best Actress nomination at least, but considering Elle already won the Golden Globe for Foreign Film, the Academy's weird decision to make it ineligible in this category makes them look out of touch.

Which movies were you hoping to see nominated, and which have been overrated by the Oscars ahead of the 2017 ceremony?


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