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is having great success so far with its live-action adaptations of their animated classics. They've pulled off hits like The Jungle Book, Cinderella, Maleficent, and most recently, , all of which have combined to make the studio over $2.3 billion to date.

Given that level of success, it's only natural there are a considerable amount of actors who want to take part in Disney's grand franchise plan. One of them is . Last month, the actress posted this picture of her alongside the Little Mermaid on Instagram:

At the time, she listed in the caption her wishes for the upcoming live-action project, which included her being the star, Beauty and the Beast director in the director's chair, her sister singing the theme song for the film, and her personal pick for Ursula.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

After the post garnered attention, she later changed it to simply:

"The Little Mermaid."

But it didn't matter, LiLo was interested in the role of Ariel and her fans knew it. Now, one component of her wishes has spoken about it. Bill Condon sat down for an interview with Vulture to promote BatB and during the interview was asked about Lohan's popular post. He responded with:

"I know! It was sweet, it was very sweet of her. I hope she gets to make that movie. [Laughs.] I feel like I was so lucky in getting this crown jewel, but I’ll go see her in 'Little Mermaid', absolutely."

While he didn't really touch on the possibility of him directing , it's interesting to see just how much of an impact her post made. So it seems that Lohan's wishes managed to reach a few important set of ears.

[Credit: Disney]
[Credit: Disney]

Could Lindsay Lohan as Ariel happen? Not likely. Condon's response was clearly a polite and diplomatic brush-off. Disney is known for its careful planning and structuring, and the actress has shown to be an unreliable wildcard in the past; at the moment, she's persona non grata in Hollywood. Things like not showing up on set in time (or at all) and erratic behavior have earned her a bad reputation, so it's tough to imagine Disney taking the risk on giving her a starring role in such an important piece in their overall princess franchise puzzle.

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It's a shame where she's at, because she definitely has the talent to pull off the role. And as we've seen multiple times in the past, anything can happen in the movie industry. As fans, we'll just have to wait and hope for things to work out in the best way possible. But fortunately, as Disney continues to show us, they're not in the business of disappointing their audience.

Setting aside all the baggage, do you think LiLo could actually pull off playing Ariel? Let me know in the comments!

[Source: Vulture]


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