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Abi Toll

Following the rumors that Ben Affleck may be dropped as Batman in the upcoming blockbuster Batman Vs. Superman, David Letterman reminded us of the internet rumor circulating that Warner Bros. were considering casting Bill Murray as Batman instead of Michael Keaton in the Tim Burton films.

Watch the video of his appearance on Letterman below (courtesy of CBS):


Murray said:

You know I’ve heard that story too. Really, I have. And God, I would have been an awesome Batman.

Murray elaborated:

But actually I loved…but I don’t think that’s true…but I thought ’s Batman was great. I thought he was really cool as Batman. He was like one pissed guy. He was Batman alright.

Letterman concurred:

I thought he was the prototypical Batman, the iconic Batman.

Well I wonder how the Batman fan boys and girls would feel about Murray stepping into the suit? It seems like he's still very much up for the challenge. Not satisfied with the fantasy of becoming Batman, Murray also stated that:

They’re talking about re-staging Peter Pan, and I think I’m the guy.

If it were anyone else then you'd probably call him out on being pretty sure of himself- but hell it's Bill Muray and we totally think he'd be amazing as Peterpan, Batman et al.






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